How to Make Guacamole Step by Step

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    Squeeze the Lemon

    Guacamole Step 1
    Guacamole Step 1. Linda Larsen

    Guacamole is a simple recipe to make and perfect for entertaining. Begin by assembling one lemon, some salt, cayenne pepper, three ripe avocados, sour cream, and some grape or cherry tomatoes.

    For printed instructions, follow this 5-minute guacamole recipe.

    A note about avocados: Sometimes you are lucky enough to find them ripe at the store. A ripe avocado will give to slight pressure. It shouldn't feel mushy or very soft. The skin should be firm and the fruit should feel heavy for its size....MORE If you need to ripen your avocados, place them together in a paper bag on the countertop and leave them for a day or two. Now let's make some guacamole.

    First, roll the lemon on the countertop and then squeeze the juice. You should have about 3 tablespoons. If you have more, you can freeze the juice in 1 tablespoon amounts for later use.

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    Combine the Lemon Juice with Salt and Pepper

    Guacamole Step 2
    Guacamole Step 2. Linda Larsen

    It's difficult to get the salt evenly blended with the avocados, so here's a good trick. Combine the lemon juice with the salt and cayenne pepper and stir briefly. The salt will dissolve in the lemon juice and will evenly flavor the dip. You can add some hot sauce at this point if you'd like.

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    Cut the Avocado

    Guacamole Step 3
    Guacamole Step 3. Linda Larsen
    Hold the a vocado firmly in your hand and, using a sharp knife, carefully cut through the skin and flesh all the way to the pit. Rotate the avocado in your hand, using the knife to cut it in half. Be sure to cut the avocado in half from top to bottom, or from the stem back to the stem, not through the middle, or the pit will be too difficult to remove.
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    Twist the Avocado to Open

    Guacamole Step 4
    Guacamole Step 4. Linda Larsen
    Now grasp one half of the avocado in each hand. Hold firmly but gently, and twist the two halves in opposite directions. They should pull apart easily, leaving the pit in one of the halves.
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    Remove the Flesh, Method One

    Guacamole Step 5
    Guacamole Step 5. Linda Larsen
    There are two ways to remove the flesh from the skin and pit. For the first, cut each half of the avocado in half again. Then carefully peel the skin away from the flesh. Drop the avocado into the lemon mixture as you work. The half that has the pit must be cut in half again from the skin side. The pit should easily slip away from the flesh once the avocado is in fourths.
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    Remove the Flesh, Method Two

    Guacamole Step 6
    Guacamole Step 6. Linda Larsen
    Or you can remove the flesh this way. First, hold the avocado half with the pit firmly in your non dominant hand. With your dominant hand, strike the blade of the knife firmly against the pit. It should stick in the pit. Twist the knife, and the pit will slip away from the flesh.
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    Scoop Out the Flesh

    Guacamole Step 7
    Guacamole Step 7. Linda Larsen
    Now take the avocado half in your non dominant hand. Using a large spoon, carefully scoop between the flesh and skin, loosening the fruit from the skin. You should be able to get the avocado out in one piece, but if it breaks, that's okay. Just keep going until all the flesh is removed from the skin. Remember to put it in with the lemon juice as you work to prevent browning.
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    Now Mash!

    Guacamole Step 8
    Guacamole Step 8. Linda Larsen
    I like to use a potato masher at this step, because it leaves chunks of avocado. But you can use a fork if you'd like. Mash together the avocado with the lemon mixture until the consistency is as smooth or as chunky as you'd like. Then stir in the sour cream until blended.
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    Add the Tomatoes

    Guacamole Step 9
    Guacamole Step 9. Linda Larsen
    Now chop some tomatoes and add those to the guacamole mixture I like to use grape or cherry tomatoes, especially during the winter, because they are sweet and juicy no matter the season. Cut the smaller tomatoes into quarters or halves, depending on your preference. If you are using larger tomatoes, you might want to squeeze out some of the tomato jelly and seeds before chopping so your guacamole stays thick.
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    Dive In!

    Guacamole Step 10
    Guacamole Step 10. Linda Larsen

    Taste the guacamole first to make sure it's seasoned as you'd like. You can add other ingredients at this point; I prefer a pure guacamole myself, but chopped bell peppers, mushrooms, crisply cooked bacon, or a jalapeno pepper or two would be nice. Then pile it into a decorative bowl and surround it with chips. My guacamole must always be served with nacho cheese-flavored tortilla chips. Enjoy!or two would be nice. Then pile it into a decorative bowl and surround it with chips. My...MORE guacamole must always be served with nacho cheese-flavored tortilla chips. Enjoy!