How to Make Gum Paste Filler Blossoms

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    Gather your Tools

    Used with permission from Michelle Anderson

    Filler flowers can add just the right touch to a gorgeous gum paste flower cake topper or garland that cascades around a cake. Most real flower decorations or bunches have some type of blossom that is small and fills in the empty space. One common example used to be baby's breath and roses. It is important to learn how to create pretty filler blossoms and to be able to make them quickly and efficiently because a large amount is usually required for maximum impact. You can even use these...MORE little flowers alone without bigger impact blossoms on cakes and cupcakes. An elegant scattering of tiny blossoms on a smooth fondant finished cake can be lovely and simple.

    A wonderful tool to make these blossoms is cutters or ejectors designed to pop out perfectly formed flowers with shape and detail. Ejectors can be found in most baking or cake decorating stores or online. These kits usually have three sizes of flowers so you can choose exactly which one you need for your design, or use all three. Once you have the flowers made you can create interesting variations by stacking them or inserting different stamens. When using ejectors it is easiest to use the color you want your finished blossoms to be and simply use a little lustre dust to pick up the details.

    To make filler blossoms you will need:

    • Gum paste
    • Gel color
    • Luster dust
    • Cornstarch
    • Ejector set or cutters
    • Stamens
    • Rolling pin
    • Paintbrush
    • Gum paste adhesive or water
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    Tint and Roll Out Gum Paste

    Used with permission from Michelle Anderson
    Create whatever color gum paste you require by mixing the appropriate gel color with the paste. An assortment of complimentary colors can be very nice with filler flowers. Roll out the gum paste on a smooth surface using cornstarch to avoid sticking. Try to roll it out quite thin, about 1/8 of an inch so the ejector works well and imprints the expected detail on the blossom.
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    Cut Out Blossom with Ejector

    Used with permission from Michelle Anderson

    Position the ejectors close to the edge of the rolled gum paste and simply press the cutter section down. Lift the ejector up with the flower inside the cutter. You want to cut the blossoms close together so you can get as many as possible from the rolled piece. Gum paste can be re rolled but adding too much cornstarch can make the paste brittle if you roll out a single piece too many times.

    Place the filler ejector on the corresponding blossom impression mat and press down firmly on the plunger...MORE to create the veining and curve to the flower on the top and bottom. Then you simply lift the ejector up and press down on the plunger to release the blossom.

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    Insert Stamens

    Used with permission from Michelle Anderson
    You can make many variations of flowers once the blossoms are formed. The simplest flower is made by snipping one of the round ends off purchased stamens, brushing the center of the flower with water or gum paste adhesive and inserting the stamen. You then let the flower dry and create whatever design you need for your project. Different color and shaped stamens can create very unique flowers so experiment to achieve exactly the look you need. After the flowers are dry you can then brush them...MORE with similar shades of luster dust to highlight the veining or deepen the color. Lightly steam the flowers if you use luster dust to set the color using a pot of boiling steaming water. Take care to steam very lightly or the blossoms will be wet not set.
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    Make Variations of the Filler Flower

    Used with permission from Michelle Anderson
    You can use all three size flower ejectors to create nested flowers that are a bit more complicated than single ones. Insert the stamen into the smallest flower and insert the flower and stamen into the center of the middle flower after brushing the back with a little adhesive. Then insert the two nested flowers into the largest ejector flower also brushed with gum paste adhesive. Let the entire bloom dry before using it. Try curling the petals in to create pretty variations and wire several...MORE together to make a stem.