How to Make a Lattice Pie Crust

Lattice Crust Pie
Homemade Lattice Crust Pie. Molly Watson
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    Roll Out Dough & Cut Strips

    Lattice One
    Cut Lattice Strips. Molly Watson

    See how easy it is to make a true lattice pie crust—with the top pie crust woven into a real crisscross of strips of dough—here. It involves actually weaving the strips together, not just placing them over one another. Sound fussy? Too complicated? Not at all! Start off with a double batch of pie crust (Flaky Pie Crust or Buttery Pie Crust are good options, but if you have a favorite already, use that).

    Roll out one crust, line the pie tin, and add the filling. Meanwhile, roll out the second crust and cut it into about 1/2-inch thick strips (if you have a scalloped or pie crust roller, you can use that to make pretty scalloped-edged strips). You can either trust a steady hand to give you even-enough strips or use a ruler for perfectly straight and even strips.

    They can be as fat or as thin as you like. You can even not make them even, if you like, for a modern look.

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    Lay Strips In One Direction

    Lattice Step Two
    Lay Strips. Molly Watson

    Lay strips—about 1/2 inch apart or so (you can lay them as thickly or sparsely as you like—it's your pie!) in one direction. It tends to be easiest to lay them perpendicular to yourself (so up and down).

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    Lift Up Every Other Strip

    Lattice Step Three
    Lift Up Every Other Strip. Molly Watson

    Lift up every other strip and fold each one half-way back onto itself.

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    Lay One Strip Across Pie

    Lattice Step Four
    Lay Perpendicular Strip. Molly Watson

    Chose a long strip (since it will need to cover the center of the pie) and lay it across the strips already on the pie (and perpendicular to them), just under where the lifted strips are folded.

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    Unfold Strips Back Down

    Lattice Step Five
    Lay Strips Back Down. Molly Watson

    Lay the folded strips back down so they go over the strip you've laid across the other strips. 

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    Repeat Laying & Folding

    Lattice Step Six
    Repeat with Other Strips. Molly Watson

    Then lift up and fold back the strips the last strip covered.


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    Add Another Strip of Dough

    Lattice Step Seven
    Making a Lattice Crust. Molly Watson

    Lay another strip across the first set of strips.

    Repeat folding every other strip, laying a new strip crosswise, and laying the folded strips back down until that half of the pie is covered.

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    Turn Pie and Repeat

    Lattice Step Eight
    Making a Lattice Pie Top. Molly Watson
    Turn the pie and repeat folding and laying on crust strips on the other half of the pie, being sure to fold back those strips that have just covered each time.
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    Trim Edges & Crimp

    Lattice Step Nine
    Lattice Pie Crust. Molly Watson

    When you have covered the pie with a beautifully woven lattice top of strips, trim any excess from the edges and crimp edges of the pie into scalloped edges with your fingers, a pie crimper, or simply pinch the top crust and bottom crust edges together. See How to Crimp a Pie Crust for tips.

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    Ready to Bake!

    Lattice Step Ten
    Lattice Pie Ready to Bake. Molly Watson

    Brush the crust with egg wash (an egg beaten until almost watery in texture) for a shiny finish. The pie is now ready to bake (according to the recipe). Let it cool thoroughly before serving for the best results and serve to an admiring crowd!

    Once you know the technique, you can play with the weaving pattern endlessly, making herringbone, plaid, and other woven patterns, as well as varying the thickness of the strips of dough with which you make the pattern.

    For more tips, see 10 Tips for Perfect Pie Crust.