How to Make Mooncakes - Recipes and Mooncake Molds

Mooncake for Mid-Autumn Festival in China
Yiming Chen/Getty Images

Mooncakes take center stage at Mid-autumn festival celebrations. Here are recipes showing you how to make mooncakes with a variety of fillings, along with sources for purchasing mooncake molds (presses) online.

Mooncake Recipes

Homemade Mooncakes from Scratch
You won't need a trip to the Asian market - this recipe from a registered dietician uses ingredients available at major supermarkets, with a red bean paste filling made from dry red kidney beans.

Lotus Seed Mooncakes
This recipe comes from famous chef and cookbook author Martin Yan – the mooncakes are filled with lotus seed paste and chopped walnuts.

Snowskin Mooncakes
These were the first "modern" mooncakes, made to satisfy the public's desire for something lighter, healthier and made with less oil than traditional mooncakes. Chilled instead of baked, these mooncakes get their name from the skin, made with cooked glutinous rice flour. This recipe from a San Diego food blogger includes photos and several useful cooking tips.

Black Forest Ice Cream Mooncake
Mooncakes filled with homemade ice cream and cherries - to represent the moon! - and coated with dark chocolate.

Ice Cream Mooncakes A decadent treat using both white and dark chocolate.

Mooncake Molds

Mooncake molds can be hard to find – fortunately, there are several options for purchasing them online.
Mooncake Molds - The Wok Shop
This family owned and operated business has been a fixture in San Francisco's Chinatown district since 1969. These hardwood molds come in a lotus design and a round or square floral design with Chinese characters. Sold individually, each mold comes with a mooncake recipe.

Mooncake Cookie Molds – The Wok Shop
Also from the Wok Shop, hardwood cookie molds in a variety of animal shapes, including pig, chicken, fish, rabbit, foo dog, and butterfly.

Brown Cookie
Based out of Seattle, Washington, this kitchen and bakeware retailer has a wide selection of wood and plastic molds, as well as the newer plunger-style mold with a spring release and various pattern plates. They also carry molds for making mooncake chocolates and candies.