How to Make Prawn Crackers

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    Prawn Crackers/Shrimp Chips Are an Irresistible Snack

    Far Eastern food, prawn crackers
    Craig Holmes / Getty Images

    Prawn crackers (also called prawn-flavored crackers and shrimp chips) are tasty prawn-flavored chips that puff up when deep-fried.

    Prawn crackers are very addictive despite the fact that their texture has been compared to Styrofoam. They make a great snack food for kids and adults alike and go very well with beer.


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    What You Will Need to Make Prawn Crackers

    • A package of prawn-flavored crackers 
    • A wok or other equipment for deep-frying
    • Oil for deep-frying
    • Wooden chopstick or deep-fry thermometer
    • Strainer
    • Paper towels
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    Heating the Oil for Deep-Frying

    Heating Oil for Frying
    Rhonda Parkinson

    Heat the oil to deep-fry the prawn chips (prawn crackers) to 360 F (182 C).

    To find out if the oil is hot enough, either 1) use a deep-fry thermometer to test the temperature, or 2) place a cooking chopstick or a wooden spoon upright in the middle of the wok (as shown in the photo). If bubbles start forming around the chopstick or wooden spoon immediately, the oil is ready.

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    Adding the Prawn Crackers to the Oil

    Deep-frying Prawn Flavored Crackers
    Rhonda Parkinson

    Carefully place 5 to 6 chips in the hot oil, separating them if needed. Adding more than that can overcrowd the wok and lower the oil temperature, making the crackers taste greasy.

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    Deep-Frying the Prawn Crackers

    Deep-frying Prawn Crackers
    Rhonda Parkinson

    Deep-fry the chips for a few seconds until they puff up (the process takes less than 5 seconds).

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    Draining the Prawn Crackers

    Draining Deep-fried Prawn Crackers
    Rhonda Parkinson

    Remove the prawn crackers from the wok -- it's easiest to do this quickly if you have a strainer. Drain the prawn crackers on paper towels. Use a fresh paper towel to drain each batch of chips.

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    Serve the Prawn Crackers

    Deep-fried Prawn Crackers (Prawn Chips, Prawn Flavored Crackers)
    Rhonda Parkinson

    Prawn crackers taste best served warm. If not serving immediately, store in a sealed container and reheat briefly in a 250 F-oven (120 C) before serving.

    Peanut sauce is the traditional accompaniment for prawn crackers. Here is a spicy version of peanut sauce with curry paste.

    What to drink with prawn crackers? Beer, of course, or perhaps a Johannesburg Reisling.