How to Make Sofrito

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    Sofrito in Jars
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    Sofrito is the secret ingredient in many Latin Caribbean dishes, and it's easy to make. It's a versatile, aromatic puree of tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, onions, and garlic. You may use a food processor or blender to get the desired results.

    During harvest season, you can use your garden produce or buy it at the peak of flavor from the farmers' market to make and freeze sofrito for use throughout the year. Spending just a little time in the kitchen will be a good investment for having your additive-free sofrito to use in your recipes.

    Use this recipe for basic sofrito, which makes about one quart of sofrito. It is the recipe demonstrated in these steps. Or, explore more variations for sofrito.

    You'll need a knife for chopping, a cutting board, food processor, and storage jars for this recipe. This variation doesn't require any cooking.

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    Gather the Sofrito Ingredients

    Ingredients for Sofrito
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    Assemble your ingredients. For this demonstration, these include green peppers, red sweet pepper, tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro, and parsley. This will result in a green sofrito. You may see other variations that will turn out orange or red instead.

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    Chop the Sofrito Ingredients

    Variety is the spice of life
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    Peel the garlic and chop the other ingredients into sizes that are small enough to fit into a food processor ​or blender. You don't have to dice them finely as you will be processing them. Focus on removing the seeds and any tougher stems that might leave grit in the finished sofrito.

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    Put the Chopped Vegetables Into the Food Processor

    Chopped tomato and onion in a food blender.
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    Place the chopped ingredients into a food processor or blender. You can process in batches if your food processor isn't big enough to accommodate it all at once.

    Tip: If you find it necessary to add liquid, you may add water or olive oil a tablespoon at a time. Use as little liquid as possible, because you don't want the sofrito to be too runny. The tomatoes will provide some juice, so you may want to ensure they are in the mix before adding any liquid.

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    Thoroughly Blend the Ingredients

    Blend the Ingredients for Sofrito
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    Blend all ingredients well. You want the finished sofrito to be finely processed. If you're not familiar with sofrito, think of it being the consistency of pesto, a thick paste.

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    Store Your Sofrito

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    Once blended, your sofrito is ready to use. For immediate use, store it in a glass container. Plastic containers are not ideal because plastic will absorb the odor of garlic and onions.

    For future use, you can freeze the sofrito to use at any time. Depending on how much you use in a recipe, you may want to freeze it in 1/4 to 1/2 cup portions or freeze it in an ice-cube tray for 2-tablespoon cubes. After the cubes are frozen, place them in a freezer bag. They should be good for up to a year frozen.

    Enjoy your sofrito in many Latin Caribbean recipes. It may be used at the start of a dish, the first thing into the cooking pot, or as a topping for grilled meats and fish.