How To Make Speculaaskruiden

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    Carefully Measure Out Spices

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    You Will Need:

    • 4 tsp ground cinnamon
    • 1 tsp ground cloves
    • 1 tsp ground mace
    • 1/3 tsp ground ginger
    • 1/5 tsp ground white pepper (a pinch)
    • 1/5 tsp ground cardamom (a pinch)
    • 1/5 tsp ground coriander seeds (a pinch)
    • 1/5 tsp ground anise seeds (a pinch)
    • 1/5 tsp grated nutmeg (a pinch)


    • If you can't find (or don't have) some of the ingredients it is OK to leave some out, but make sure you include the cinnamon, cloves, mace, and ginger.
    • If you only have whole spices at home, you can grind the spices...MORE yourself using a coffee grinder, or even a food processor and a fine sieve.
    • If you need koekkruiden for a recipe, leave out the cloves.
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    Mix Spices Well

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    On a wooden board, or in a small bowl, mix the spices well. A bowl works best. 

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    Scoop Into Little Jar

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    Once the spices are mixed well, scoop them into a little container (I use a clean mini jam jar). I use two teaspoons to do the scooping, it seems to go easier that way. Mix again with the back end of a teaspoon, or put the lid on and shake.

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    Write a Label

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    Don't forget to write a label for your new spice mix, especially since it can be indistinquishable from certain other spices.

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    Use In Baking

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    Your speculaaskruiden are now ready to use. The obvious recipe is speculaas cookies, but you can also use it for kruidnoten, apple pie or appelmoes.