How to Peel a Litchi (Lychee) - Step-by-Step Instructions

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    Use Ripe Lychee

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    Litchis will not continue to ripen once picked. Litchis that are not fully ripe will be bitter. As the litchi fruit ages, the outer skin becomes tougher, so be careful cutting.

    You will need:

    • Ripe litchi (lychee) fruit.
    • Sharp serrated knife.
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    Slice lychee
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    Place the litchi with one flat side resting on the cutting board. Slice the outer tough lichi skin lengthwise all the way around down to the seed.

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    Peel lychee
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    Carefully peel away the tough outer skin along with the inner thin membrane to expose the litchi meat, then discard the skin.

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    Separating lychee
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    Remove litchi meat from inedible seed. It should release from the seed fairly easily using a knife or your fingernail. Discard the seed.

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    Use as Needed

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    Raw litchi pulp may be eaten as is for a snack or used in fruit salads, dressings, chicken salad, smoothies, etc. Cooked litchis are used in sauces, syrups, and jellies.