How to Photograph the Orange Slice Smile

The weather is getting warmer, and that means it is almost soccer season for suburban children across America. Seasoned soccer moms everywhere are rushing with snack bags from their local grocery stores to the carpool lane.

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    The Iconic Orange Slice Smile

    Soccer Team
    Soccer Team. Getty Images/Erik Isakson

    This isn't your first rodeo. You know what being a soccer mom entails, and you are dreading your turn to bring the orange slices for the kids. Orange slices mean unoriginal pictures of your kids and his or her friends posing with the bright slices in their mouths. Well, if these pictures are going to take up storage in your camera roll, you might as well learn how to make them look good.

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    Go Right in the Middle of the Action

    Soccer girls
    Soccer girls. Getty Images/Blend Images - Erik Isakson

    It all starts with a "Mom! Look at me! Look at ME!" muffled through an orange peel: it is the inevitable personality pic your kid will insist upon taking. Wow! You act surprised like you can't BELIEVE how creative your child is! "Take a picture! Take a picture!" He or she pleads, to which you begrudgingly take out your camera phone and prepare for the worst. You soon find yourself getting trampled by a bunch of eight-year-olds in cleats trying to make it into the shot, and...MORE you're rapidly clicking the photo button just waiting for it to be over.

    But this time, instead of just accepting defeat, you will take advantage of the opportunity to practice your photography skills. Try getting down to the kids' eye-level. This will send the message to them that you're in it with them, and allow you to take more intimate pictures of the kids' faces.

    The photo will place the viewer right there where you were—in the middle of the action. The closer the kids get to the camera the bigger their faces and slices will look as well.

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    Go for the Group Shot

    Kids with orange smiles
    Kids with orange smiles. Getty Images/SolStock

    A single orange slice smile can be cute, but a group makes it hilarious. Strive to get a bunch of kids into your shot. The group will amplify the silliness of the scene. It will also be a great picture to bring out at their prom and use to explain the love triangles to the other parents.

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    Selective Focus

    Selective focus
    Selective focus. Getty Images/ JGI/Jamie Grill

    If you want to bring attention to one child or don't know the other kid and don't want to get into trouble with the other parents when posting your photo on Facebook—use selective focus. Most cameras allow you to pick a small aperture or a "macro mode" that will leave one area in focus and blur the rest. If you are using your camera phone you can use apps like FocusTwist or Snapseed to blur portions of your photo.

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    Have a Lot of Slices Ready

    Orange slice smiles
    Orange slice smiles. Getty Images/Andersen Ross

    While you are composing the group shot have plenty of extra slices at hand. These kids might be hungry and are eating up all your props. Maybe one of the other moms (or dads) can be your assistant and hand out more where needed.

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    Play with Size, Shape, and Design

    Girl with large orange slice smile
    Girl with large orange slice smile. Getty Images/Linda Venuto Photography

    The bigger the funnier, especially with smaller kids. If you have control of the orange slices you can vary the sizes to give some kids a large orange grind and others just a little smirk. If you are into arts and crafts you can try cutting different shapes or carve designs into the oranges. Teeth shaped from the oranges or another peel sticking out like a tongue perhaps? This is definitely advanced orange slice smile photography and will result in admired results. You'll also get the...MORE reputation for being the hands-on, artsy mom which is both sought after in the 'burbs. A quick Google image search for orange carving will give you a lot of inspiration and tutorials.

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    Use Your Camera's Flash

    Orange twins
    Orange twins. Getty Images/Erik Isakson

    Most of the classic orange slice photos are taken outside, right on the soccer field in bright sunlight. If you can not find a shady area get the kids so the sun is behind them. This way they don't have to squint their eyes. In this configuration, you will have to turn on your camera's flash. This might seem counterintuitive since there is plenty of light available but, the bright light might overpower your camera's sensor and leave your kids' faces in the dark. If you turn on...MORE your flash it gives their faces an extra burst of light and ensures that they stand out against the summer sun. Because flash brings out the colors the oranges will also get an extra burst of saturation. (Here are 6 tips for taking photos in bright sunlight.)

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    Document the Environment

    Orange slices
    Orange slices. Getty Images/Ken Chernus

    After you have captured every last orange smiles and made all the kids happy by taking their photo step back and capture the surrounding scenes. Now that you have broken the ice and everyone has warmed up to your camera take pictures. There might be a beautiful or fun moment waiting for you to capture. People love seeing candid shots or behind the scenes photos. You can create a lovely album or slideshow for your team.

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    It Doesn't Stop With Orange Smiles

    Kid with orange slice eyes
    Kid with orange slice eyes. Getty Images/Paul Mansfield Photography

    The kids will quickly have other ideas on how to use the slices. They can be eyes, ears, or other body parts. Go for it. 

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    Or Oranges...

    Food art
    Food art. Getty Images/Adie Bush

    And if you allow it, your kids will have a lot of fun with all kinds of fruit art. Stand by with your camera and a roll of paper towels.

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    Don't Forget to Have Fun!

    Mom and daughter smiles
    Mom and daughter smiles. Getty Images/Mike Kemp

    I guess you shouldn't knock it 'till you try it. You might as well dive in and bond with you child and find beauty in the simple things—including sticking a slice of orange in your mouth and having your photo taken with the little ones. The grandparents will love it!