How to Pipe a Basketweave Design

Learn How To Decorate Your Cake With A Basketweave Design

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    How to Pipe a Basketweave Design

    Mastering a basketweave design can open the door to an assortment of glorious cake designs that could include baskets of flowers, fruit, and other fun toppings like Easter eggs and wedding themed favors. 

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    Pipe the First Line

    Michelle Anderson

    Pipe a smooth straight vertical line using the # 47 tip with the serrated side up. It is easiest to start from the top of the cake and pipe the line down to the base.

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    Pipe Horizontal Stripes

    Michelle Anderson

    Carefully apply short horizontal strips of icing across the vertical stripe starting from the top of the cake. Try to leave spaces between the horizontal stripes that are the same width as the stripes.

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    Pipe Second Vertical Line

    Michelle Anderson

    Pipe another vertical stripe along the ends of horizontal stripes starting from the top of the cake. This line should be perfectly parallel to the first anchor line. 

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    Pipe Next Horizontal Line

    Michelle Anderson

    Create the next set of horizontal stripes by starting with the tip close or under the first vertical stripe and slowly bring the icing stripe over the second vertical line. This will fill in the spaces left from the first set of horizontal lines.

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    Repeat the Pattern

    Michelle Anderson

    Repeat the vertical and horizontal lines until the entire cake is covered with a beautiful basketweave pattern. Each set of icing stripes should fit snugly against the previous set of stripes. You can certainly leave space between the strips but a snug design looks more like a real basket. 

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    Try Color and Different Tips

    Michelle Anderson

    An assortment of decorating tips can be used other than #47 in order to create different styles and textures. Also, alternating colors can create a pretty effect. Two colors are quite lovely, but you can actually use as many colors as you want to create truly unique designs on your cake. 

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    Basketweave Design Using Two Tips

    Michelle Anderson

    Start this design with a regular basketweave tip creating long stripes all around the cake. You might have to do this step in a stop and start manner because it is very difficult to go all around a cake in one continuous even strip. Then you will use a round tip to create the horizontal lines in the pattern. You can do two, three, or four lines depending on the design you wish to achieve on the cake. 

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    Basketweave Using Round Tips

    Michelle Anderson

    Round decorating tips can create simple elegant basketweave. Colored icing can add complexity to this design. Small round tips obviously will create a more intricate design but will take more time to complete because less surface is covered with each strip of icing. Larger round tips create a very pretty look as well with less work. 

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    Leaf Tip Basketweave

    Michelle Anderson

    Try a leaf tip for an unusual basketweave design. This is a more unfinished look than some of the other design tips because the edges of the leaves in the design are uneven. You can use any type of leaf tip for this weave, just experiment until you get the exact look you want for the cake. This design can be made with different colors or just one.