Learn How to Perfectly Slice Peaches

Sliced peaches
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Start With Fresh, Ripe Peaches

Baskets of Peaches
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Start with fresh, ripe peaches. If you're going to eat them raw, make sure they have some give to them and even feel a bit soft. Slightly firmer peaches, those that might have a bit too much bite for eating raw, are perfect to use in baked goods like peach pie since they will hold their shape a bit better when cooked.

There are two ways or approaches to slicing peaches; peeling and then slicing or slicing and then peeling. Both are covered here.

Peel the Peaches, If You Like

Peeled Peach
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If you like, peel the peaches whole. If, however, you'd rather slice unpeeled peaches (even if only to peel the peaches after they've been sliced), skip to step 4.

Why would you choose one method over another? If you only have 2 or 3 peaches to peel, it's easy and quick enough to slice them and then peel them. If you're working with larger numbers, it's much faster to peel peaches whole, and then slice them. Even though this sounds like a bit of a hassle, it goes much more quickly than peeling the individual slices.

How to Slice a Peeled Peach

Slicing a Peeled Peach
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For whole peeled peaches, working over a large bowl to catch any juices, hold the peach in your hand and, using a sharp paring knife, make a cut down to the pit. Then cut a wedge parallel to the first cut 1/2 inch (or desired thickness) over, also to the pit.

Flick the blade of your knife in the direction of the first slice, the segment will come away easily. Repeat with remaining fruit. Discard the pit.

How to Slice an Unpeeled Peach

Slicing a Peach
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If slicing an unpeeled peach, start by cutting it in half all the way around. Hold each half of the cut peach and twist the halves in opposite directions. This action will loosen the pit. Pull the peach halves apart and remove the pit. Most fresh peach varieties are either clingstone (the fruit remains on the pit) or cling-free (the fruit releases from the pit). If you've happened upon a clingstone peach, you may need to dig the pit out with a spoon.

Cut the peach halves into slices or thick wedges. If you want them peeled, it's easy enough to run a paring knife between the flesh and the peel of each wedge or slice.

How to Peel Peach Slices

Sliced and Peeled Peach Wedges
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Use a paring knife to cut off the peel of each wedge or slice. For truly ripe peaches the peel will come off quite easily.

Sliced peaches are perfect for fruit salads or tossed salads, and they are scrumptious on top of yogurt, cereal, or ice cream.