11 Ways to Use Stale Bread

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    Easy Toasted Bread Crumbs

    Easy Toasted Bread Crumbs
    Easy Toasted Bread Crumbs. Diana Rattray

    Don't throw that old loaf away! From simple toasted bread crumbs or French toast to a fabulous apple Betty dessert or bread pudding, there are plenty of ways to use that stale or day-old bread. 

    Use these bread crumbs for a tasty homemade dressing or jazz up a basic vegetable dish like steamed green beans or steamed broccoli. They make a great topping for a gratin or macaroni and cheese casserole.

    Toss them with a little garlic powder and olive oil or a flavor-infused olive oil just before baking.

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    Homemade Stuffing Mix

    Homemade Stuffing Mix
    Homemade Stuffing Mix. Diana Rattray

    This easy stuffing mix is similar to that famous, convenient top-of-the-stove mix. It's an excellent use for day-old bread, and you probably have most of the herbs and seasonings on hand. 

    To give the prepared stuffing more chicken flavor, use homemade or low sodium chicken broth instead of water, or add 1 teaspoon of chicken bouillon granules or base to the water.

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    Cajun Style French Toast

    Lost Bread - Pain Perdu - Cajun French Toast
    Pain Perdu, Cajun Style French Toast. Diana Rattray

     This Cajun style French toast is also known as "Pain Perdu," or "Lost Bread." This oven version is particularly convenient for a large breakfast because it's baked  all at once instead of in batches. 

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    Classic Apple Betty Dessert

    Classic Apple Betty Dessert
    Classic Apple Betty. Diana Rattray

    Stale bread crumbs are used to create this delicious apple dessert casserole.

    Serve this yummy dessert warm with a big scoop of  pecan ice cream, or top it with freshly whipped cream or whipped topping.

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    Seasoned Croutons

    Homemade Croutons
    Homemade Croutons. Diana Rattray

     Croutons are so easy to make and so versatile, and they're an excellent way to use day-old bread

    Use these croutons to top salads or soup, or sprinkle them over a casserole just before baking. They make a delicious crunchy snack, too!

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    Easy Spiced Peach Bread Pudding

    Peach Bread Pudding
    Peach Bread Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce. Diana Rattray

    This easy, flavorful bread pudding is made with sweetened condensed milk and diced peaches. Serve this bread pudding dessert with a caramel or butterscotch sauce.

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    Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms

    Stuffed Mushrooms
    Stuffed Mushrooms. Diana Rattray

    These tasty stuffed mushrooms make an excellent appetizer or snack for a party or game day gathering. The mushroom caps are stuffed with a delicious mixture of bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese, chopped peppers, and onions.

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    Make-Ahead Bread Crumbs

    Make Ahead Bread Crumbs
    Make Ahead Bread Crumbs. Diana Rattray

    We love a crunchy topping on our casseroles, so I always have bread crumbs on hand in my freezer, They're also great to use in meatloaf or hamburger steaks, and if you have enough, you can make basic stuffing or dressing

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    Pizza Crostini

    Pizza Crostini
    Pizza Crostini. Diana Rattray

    These little pizza crostini appetizers are easy to prepare and bake, and they make a tasty, crunchy party snack. They are very versatile, and can be made with your favorite toppings; omit the onion or use bell pepper or sausage in place of the pepperoni. Or make them vegetarian, with cheese and vegetables.

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    How to Make Buttered Bread Crumbs

    Carrot Casserole with Bread Crumbs
    Carrot Casserole with Buttered Bread Crumbs. Diana Rattray

    Here's how to make perfect buttered bread crumbs to top that baked macaroni and cheese or au gratin casserole.

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    Blueberry French Toast Bake

    Blueberry French Toast Bake
    Blueberry French Toast Bake. Diana Rattray

    This French toast bake can be served as a breakfast or brunch dish, or serve it as a bread pudding dessert with a scoop of ice cream.