A Letter From The Spruce Eats: How We're Cooking Now

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The Spruce / Cara Cormack


Dear readers, the spread of COVID-19 is changing life for all of us, at least temporarily.

We understand that these are uncertain times, and life may feel chaotic for everyone right now. At The Spruce Eats, it’s our mission to help you make your best meal. The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t change this. What you have in your kitchen now is probably going to be even more important than usual. We’re refocusing some of our content to offer what we hope will both be a helping hand and a reassuring presence during this time. Whether you’re looking for real tips on how to store and freeze foods, how to substitute one ingredient for another, how to cook with ingredients you don’t use every day—or if you just want a mental break from it all, we’ve got your back.

Like many of you, we are working from home while our children are not going to school. This presents challenges that we haven’t had to solve before and we will try our best to bring you ideas that will help. The fabric of our community is more important now than ever. As always, we will be monitoring recipe comments and hope that you as a community will help each other with the thoughtful and smart answers you often do.

We’ll update the homepage regularly with answers to questions we see you asking. If there’s anything you want or need to know, or have any feedback for us, don’t hesitate to get in touch: contact@thespruceeats.com.

From all of us at The Spruce Eats, wishing you all health, safety, and comfort.

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