How You Can Help India Through Their COVID Crisis

Chandni Chowk, Delhi.

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A second coronavirus wave is devastating India right now, with 400,000 daily cases reported on May 1. Hospitals and crematoriums are overwhelmed and there are widespread shortages of crucial oxygen and other medical supplies.

In addition to the medical emergency, the crisis has been especially catastrophic for daily wage workers, financially insecure people, and marginalized people. India does not have the kind of government-funded social safety nets, like unemployment insurance and nutrition assistance, that other, wealthier nations like the United States have.

You can help now. The following is a list of organizations providing help for people in India affected by COVID-19.

General Assistance

200 Million Artisans. Focuses on supporting the country's millions of artisans through COVID-related hardship.

Give India. This organization is running multiple fundraisers addressing the COVID crisis, from feeding the hungry to providing oxygen supplies.

Goonj. Sends aid to people living in rural areas of India.

Helping Hands Charitable Trust. Provides support to daily wage workers and their families.


Seva Kitchen. Helps feed wage workers and their families in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Khana Chahiye. Helps feed housing-insecure people in Mumbai.

Mazdoor Kitchen. A volunteer-run initiative providing food for daily wage workers in North Delhi.

Oxygen and Healthcare

ACT Grants. Centrally distributing oxygen on behalf of the entire Indian startup ecosystem.

Doctors for You. A network of doctors, medical students and volunteers working to provide efficient, effective and equitable distribution of health care for everyone.

Hemkunt Foundation. Helping to provide oxygen cylinders throughout Delhi and Mumbai.

Mission Oxygen. Helping doctors and hospitals get immediate access to oxygen supplies.

SAI Foundation. Providing PPE for healthcare workers in rural areas.

Zomato Feeding India. Providing hospitals with oxygen and other supplies.

Mutual Aid India. A long volunteer-curated list of smaller fundraising campaigns in India (not vetted).

Editor's note: This article contains a correction of a factual error printed in an earlier version. The correct number of daily reported Covid-19 cases in India was 300,000 on May 1, not 3,000,000.

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