What Is Hpnotiq Liqueur?

Production, Substitutions, and Cocktail Recipes

Hpnotiq Liqueur

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Hpnotiq (pronounced like "hypnotic") is a pale blue liqueur produced in France. It is made from a proprietary blend of tropical fruit juices, premium French vodka, and "a touch of cognac." You cannot miss the bottle on the liquor store shelf because it has the allure of an ocean blue spirit inside a frosted, Champagne-like bottle. Fun and exciting, this sweet, fruity liqueur creates stunning blue cocktails that are guaranteed to impress.

Fast Facts

  • Ingredients: Cognac, vodka, tropical fruit juices
  • Proof: 34
  • ABV: 17%
  • Origin: France
  • Taste: Sweet, tropical fruit
  • Serve: on the rocks, cocktails, shots

What Is Hpnotiq Liqueur Made From?

Hpnotiq scaled to the top of the premium liqueur market shortly after its release in 2001. It is a staple in many bars and, aside from blue curaçao, one of the primary ways to make blue drinks. Heaven Hill Distilleries purchased the brand in 2003.

Hpnotiq is like many liqueurs, and the recipe is a well-kept secret. However, this brand does reveal a little bit about how it's made.

  • Hpnotiq's tropical fruit juices are unknown. Some people try to speculate, and you will taste fruits like mango and passion fruit. The brand, however, has not formally acknowledged which fruits go into the blend, only that the juices are naturally derived from a maceration of real fruit.
  • What gives the Hpnotiq its color? The brand says that this is one mystery they will never reveal. According to company statements, it seems to happen sometime during the maceration process.
  • A blend of five distinct cognacs is used in Hpnotiq. These include Petite Champagne, Grande Champagne, Borferies, Fins Bois, and Fins Ordinaire, each aged in oak
  • The vodka that goes into Hpnotiq is also made in France. It is triple-distilled in small batches from grains and uses spring water and charcoal filtration to produce a smooth taste.
  • With the three ingredients ready, the master blender brings them together to create what is found in bottles of Hpnotiq.

Hpnotiq weighs in at a mild 17 percent alcohol by volume (ABV, 34 proof).

What Does Hpnotiq Liqueur Taste Like?

Hpnotiq has a very bold fruit flavor with a sweet background. You will catch the taste of mango along with some passion fruit and citrus notes.

How to Drink Hpnotiq Liqueur

While Hpnotiq is good on its own, it can be too sweet and syrupy straight out of the bottle. Shake it with ice to give it a little life, and you will have a much better drink.

Hpnotiq pairs well with almost any distilled spirit, though it's best with lighter liquors. It's excellent with coconut rum and works well with other rums, vodka, and gin. Be sure to taste it with tequila in a margarita and mix it with sparkling wine, too.

To showcase the liqueur, keep Hpnotiq cocktails simple. For example, a splash of lemon juice with a shot of vodka and Hpnotiq is perfect for an eye-catching martini. Serve that mix on the rocks and top it with soda for a refreshing drink.

Hpnotiq will work well with nearly any fruit but choose light-colored mixers if you want a blue drink. Pineapple juice is a good choice that naturally complements Hpnotiq, and the two together create sea blue-green cocktails.

Cocktail Recipes

Hpnotiq's popularity has led to some fantastic cocktail recipes. As you might expect, they're all designed to show off the liqueur's blue color.


This is a unique liqueur in both taste and color, so there are no great substitutes for Hpnotiq. While you might be able to use another tropical fruit liqueur, such as X-Rated Fusion, the taste will be slightly different, and the drink's color will change completely.

If you're looking for a blue substitute, steer clear of cheap tropical blue schnapps; these will simply ruin the taste of your drinks. The best blue alternative is blue curaçao, though it's an orange liqueur, so the drink will not taste the same. Hpnotiq can also work in many blue curaçao cocktails, such as the deep blue sea martini.

How to Store Hpnotiq

Like all liqueurs, Hpnotiq should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct light. Once opened, keep it sealed with the original cap. Generally, its shelf life will be a few years, though you might want to drink it within a year. After that, you might notice some crystallization or loss in flavor. If it smells or tastes off, it's time for a new bottle.