Hungarian Cream Puffs (Moors Heads or Indianer)

Cream Puff

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  • Total: 40 mins
  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • Yield: 3 dozen (36 servings)
Nutritional Guidelines (per serving)
94 Calories
8g Fat
4g Carbs
2g Protein
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Nutrition Facts
Servings: 3 dozen (36 servings)
Amount per serving
Calories 94
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 8g 10%
Saturated Fat 5g 23%
Cholesterol 40mg 13%
Sodium 52mg 2%
Total Carbohydrate 4g 2%
Dietary Fiber 1g 2%
Protein 2g
Calcium 18mg 1%
*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a food serving contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.
(Nutrition information is calculated using an ingredient database and should be considered an estimate.)

This recipe for Hungarian cream puffs or moors' heads—Indianer in Hungarian so named because they resemble the turbans worn by some East Indians—is similar to French profiteroles. The French had a profound effect on the pastries of Hungary and Austria in the late 1800s and the connection remains strong.

These miniature cream puffs can also be made in Indianer pans, similar to standard muffin tins (3-inch diameter). Usually, a sponge cake recipe is used for the indianer pans, but this recipe works fine.


  • 1 cup water
  • 4 ounces unsalted butter (1 stick, cut into small pieces)
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 4 large eggs
  • 1 cup heavy cream (whipped and sweetened to taste)
  • 6 ounces semisweet chocolate( melted and cooled slightly)

Steps to Make It

  1. Gather the ingredients.

  2. Preheat oven to 375 F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or lightly coat 12 muffin tins with cooking spray.

  3. In a medium saucepan, bring water, butter, and salt to a boil. When the butter has completely melted, remove from heat and, using a wooden spoon, add flour all at once. Return to stove and stir over low heat for 2 or 3 minutes or until dough cleans sides of the pan and forms a ball.

  4. Remove from heat and stir in eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. The batter should be smooth and glossy and cling to the spoon.

  5. For mini puffs, using a cookie scoop, portion out mounds of dough on a baking sheet. For large Indianers, fill muffin tins 2/3 full. Bake minis for 20 minutes, large puffs longer. They should be puffy, and golden brown on top and bottom. The interior will still be moist like a popover.

  6. Let puffs cool completely before filling. For mini puffs, fill a pastry bag with a No. 6 plain tube and insert it into the side of the puff and fill with sweetened whipped cream. Place a puff on a fork and dip in chocolate, or just dip the top.

  7. For larger puffs (minis can also be prepared this way), cut the bottom off puff, remove the moist interior, fill with cream, level, replace the bottom and dip entire puff in chocolate or just the top.

  8. Serve immediately or refrigerate until ready. Enjoy!


Indianers don't hold well—the puff becomes soggy—so eat the day they are made.