Must-Haves to Throw an Ice Cream Sundae Party

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Planning an ice cream party? The aforementioned frozen treat may be the star, but it’s far from the only must-have. You’ll also need tons of toppings and mix-ins. From sprinkles and chopped nuts to M&M’s and gummy bears, the sky's the limit. Then there’s the hot fudge, various ooey gooey sauces, and whipped cream. And that’s just the the beginning…

Don’t forget about invites, cutlery, napkins, decor, and entertainment. Simply put: A lot goes into throwing a stellar ice cream social. Scroll on to get the scoop.

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    Damask Love

    Invitations set the tone for your event. While you could just call up your pals, if you want to make your bash extra special—even before it begins—we recommend sending out invitations. How adorable are these DIY invites from Damask Love?

    Invitations from Damask Love

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    Hot Fudge

    Baking Mischief

     What’s a sundae without hot fudge? This chocolate sauce by Baking Mischief has all the warm and gooey goodness you crave but it’s simple to execute. Suppose you could say it’s a “faux hot fudge.” Whatever you want to call it, it’s super yummy.

    Hot Fudge from Baking Mischief

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    Caramel Sauce

    Baked by an Introvert

    Homemade caramel is downright delicious on everything from ice cream to brownies. Want to up your sauce game? You can’t go wrong with a drizzle of marshmallow, strawberry, or butterscotch.

    Caramel Sauce from Baked by an Introvert

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    Baked Bree

    Peanut butter cups and gummy bears and M&M’s oh my! Serve your toppings in mason jars with spoons for each. Et voila, you’ve got a build-your-own sundae bar. It’s like a buffet—only better and sweeter.

    Toppings from Baked Bree

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    When it comes to sundae toppings, sprinkles are in a category of their own. Of course, you can pick up a pack at the store. Although, if you have the time and enjoying making things from scratch (and for that, we applaud you!), why not test your skills with these classic sprinkles? Bonus: You can customize the hues to match the theme and color scheme of your fête.

    Sprinkles ​from Tikkido

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    Whipped Cream

    The Gracious Wife

    What frosting is to a cake, whipped cream is to a sundae. The perfect finishing touch—well, that and the cherry. This recipe from The Gracious Wife is light, airy, and absurdly addictive.

    Whipped Cream from The Gracious Wife

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    Angled Dessert Bowls

    A Kailo Chic Life

    How cute are these crafty dessert bowls from A Kailo Chic Life? We adore the angled shape and bright shades.

    Angled Dessert Bowls from A Kailo Chic Life

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    Ice Cream Cones

    How to Make Ice Cream Cones

    Kristina Vanni 

    Homemade, crispy, and perfectly sweet ice cream cones make a party extra special. This recipe can also be shaped over the back of a muffin pan to make edible bowls.

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    Sprinkled Chocolate Ice Cream Cones

    The View From Great Island

    Chocolate cones anyone? You can even get the kiddos involved in the decorating process. Dip ‘em in white chocolate and bedeck with sprinkles, pop rocks, and crushed candy for a pop of color!

    Sprinkled Chocolate Ice Cream Cones from The View From Great Island

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    Dipped Ice Cream Cone Bowls

    Treats and Trends

    Alternatively, why not consider edible, cone bowls? Sure, they’re bound to be a bit messier, but they’re so tasty, it’s totally worth it.

    Dipped Ice Cream Cone Bowls from Treats and Trends

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    Holographic Ice Cream Cone Wrappers

    Club Crafted

    While we love ice cream cones, one thing we’re less fond of is sticky hands. Prevent grimy paws with these holographic wrappers. Problem solved!

    Holographic Ice Cream Cone Wrappers from Club Crafted

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    Ice Cream Cone Stand

    Damask Love

    This cute, cone stand makes decorating a breeze. Set your treats in the dedicated holders and go to town topping with rainbow sprinkles, cherries, etc.

    Ice Cream Cone Stand from Damask Love

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    Plain wooden cutlery, while practical, lack a bit of pizzazz. The same could NOT be said out these these sprinkle-specked spoons from Partyography!

    Spoons from Partyography

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    Paper Napkins

    Design Eat Repeat

    Napkins are a must to keep messes to a minimum. This tutorial from Design Eat Repeat shows you how to personalize paper goods with celebratory phrases like “here for the cake”—or, in the case of your soiree, “we all scream for ice cream.”

    Paper Napkins from Design Eat Repeat

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    Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream Game

    Damask Love

    Pin the tail on the donkey is a party classic. This genius little game is sure to be the cherry on the top of a spectacular—not to mention sweet—ice cream social.

    Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream Game from Damask Love

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    Mini Ice Cream Cone Shot Glasses

    Sugar & Cloth

    Planning a grown-up gathering? Bring on the boozy fun with these fabulous DIY mini cone shot glasses. Fill ‘em with your fave frozen cocktail or liquor-infused ice cream.

    Mini Ice Cream Cone Shot Glasses from Sugar & Cloth