Iced Tea Cocktail Recipes

How to Make Alcoholic Iced Tea Drinks

Matcha tea with milk in glass on wood, elder flowers and heart shaped porcellain with spoon
Add rum to this blended matcha latte for a delicious iced tea cocktail. Westend61/Getty Images

Although it contains no actual iced tea, Long Island Iced Tea is the most popular tea cocktail. However, there are lots of iced tea cocktail recipes and other alcoholic iced tea recipes that contain actual iced tea and graduate beyond the "sweet and strong" style for which Long Island iced tea is known.

History of Iced Tea

In 1795, the only colony in America producing tea plants was South Carolina. The French explorer and botanist Andre Michaux brought the plant during the late 1700s to cater to the wealthy tastes of Charleston planters.

Once it arrived, versions of iced ​tea started to appear in cookbooks of the time. English and American cookbooks depicted tea being iced for use in cold green tea punches, spiked heavily with alcohol. One well-known version was called Regent's Punch; it was named after George IV, the English prince regent during the 19th century.

The first version of modern iced tea as it is known today was made with green tea leaves and appeared in in Housekeeping in Old Virginia in 1879. The recipe, contributed by Marion Cabell Tyree, called for boiling following by steeping the tea throughout the day.

Iced Tea Martini Recipes

Explore some of the many iced tea cocktails with the recipes below.

  • The Tea Tini is a basic tea martini recipe made with iced black tea.
  • This Green Tea Martini video recipe gives step-by-step instructions for making a green tea cocktail.
  • You can also infuse your own green tea vodka or use other homemade or store-bought tea-infused spirits as the base for your tea martinis.
  • Examples of tea cocktails made with tea-infused liqueurs include the Natural Chai Tea Martini and the Apple-Chai Martini.

Other Iced Tea Cocktail Recipes

  • Green Tea Lattes can be prepared as non-alcoholic drinks, or they can be spiked with rum to make a blended iced tea cocktail.
  • Spiced Rum Iced Tea is an easy iced tea cocktail that made with teabags and rum.
  • True to its name, the Southern Kick Tea Cocktail is a blend of whiskey, Southern Comfort, and iced tea.
  • Bengal Tiger is an iced tea spiked with bitters and cognac.
  • Absolut Boston Tea Cocktail is an iced tea cocktail is made with Absolut Boston, a vodka infused with black tea and elderflower.
  • Dutch Green Tea Cocktail is an iced green tea cocktail with herbaceous, floral and citrusy flavors.
  • Ginger Tea Cocktail is a cognac cocktail made with fresh brewed green tea and fresh ginger root. It can be served hot or iced.
  • Irish Tea Party is a bright green iced tea cocktail made with green tea and absinthe.
  • Royal-Tea Cocktail is a gin-and-Earl-Grey iced tea cocktail recipe.
  • The lone sparkling cocktail recipe in the list is the Urbana Nirvana Iced Tea Cocktail, a tea cocktail made with champagne or sparkling wine.