10 Impressive Champagne Punch Recipes

Bring a Little Fruity Sparkle to the Party

Champagne Punch
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A sparkling Champagne punch adds elegance and flair to any party. The recipes are quite diverse and often show off the best fruits of the season, which adds to the refreshing taste. Whether you're hosting an intimate brunch or a big celebration, there's sure to be a punch your guests will love. So, break out the bubbly and let's mix up some great drinks for everyone to enjoy!

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    Pomegranate Champagne Punch

    Champagne Punch Recipe

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    With a pomegranate and cranberry juice base, this Champagne punch is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. It's a remarkably simple recipe and one that can be customized for parties in any season.

    The punch gets a little boost from a cup of citrus vodka and a few tablespoons of cinnamon syrup. That version is fantastic for autumn and winter affairs, and a quick switch to a lavender syrup would make it ideal for spring and summer.

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    Strawberry Champagne Punch

    Strawberry Champagne Punch

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    You will find many Champagne punch recipes that feature strawberries because the fruit pairs perfectly with sparkling wine. There's no need to wait for strawberry season with this recipe, either.

    The strawberry Champagne punch is a pure delight and it's super simple. You'll need a frozen fruit punch and strawberries, along with orange juice. It doubles up on the bubbles, mixing in both Champagne and ginger ale to create a very enjoyable drink.

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    Cranberry Elderflower Champagne Punch

    Cranberry Elderflower Champagne Punch

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    The cranberry elderflower Champagne punch puts a floral spin on the typical fruity mix. It gets the sweet taste of elderflowers from a few ounces of St. Germain liqueur and it's a lovely blend.

    For this recipe, the elderflower is paired with cranberry. You can easily give it a lighter profile by pouring white cranberry juice instead of the typical red. It also adds a light soda to enhance the sparkle.

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    Rosé Berry Bliss

    Rose Berry Bliss Cocktail Champagne Recipe
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    You will only need four ingredients for the rosé berry bliss punch and it can be mixed up just an hour before serving. It's a delightful drink that's perfect for brunch or a small celebration.

    The punch gets a lively flavor with a combination of frozen blueberries and pink lemonade. Add an impressive sparkling rosé and lemon-lime soda and you're ready for the party!

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    Apricot Sunray

    Hennessy Black Apricot Sunray Punch
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    If you're seeking a sparkling punch that is extraordinary and unique, the apricot sunray is a perfect choice. It's a completely different profile than most of these recipes and sure to surprise your guests.

    The recipe combines a nice cognac with a dry sparkling wine, but it's the fruity layers that make it really interesting. ​Apricots are the star of the show, appearing as a liqueur, nectar, and fresh fruit. Add blood oranges, lemons, and brandied cherries and you have a very fun and unforgettable mix.

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    German Strawberry Sparkling Wine Punch
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    Erdbeerbowle is German for "strawberry punch" and this recipe definitely does not hold back on the fresh berries. It's a favorite punch for summer barbecues in Germany and simple enough for any casual gathering.

    Two quarts of freshly picked strawberries are combined with sugar and lemon juice to create the base. Let that marry for two hours, then add a full bottle each of sparkling and dry white wines. It's hard to believe that a great drink is that easy!

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    Jim Beam Fruit Punch

    Jim Beam Fruit Punch Cocktail
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    Could your party use a little whiskey? The Jim Beam fruit punch is just the recipe you need. It features Red Stag, the bourbon icon's cherry-flavored whiskey and it's a lot of fun.

    For this recipe, the flavored whiskey is paired with strawberry liqueur and passion fruit juice to give it an interesting fruit flavor. Just before the party's set to begin, top it off with your favorite Champagne and enjoy!

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    Sparkling Strawberry Rosé

    Sparkling Strawberry Rosé Cocktail
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    Strawberries are great, but strawberries with pear and basil are even better. That's what you'll find in the sparkling strawberry rosé recipe. It's one you can taste for yourself before mixing up the larger batch and a great way to show off a few homemade ingredients.

    This intriguing mix pairs a strawberry vodka with sweet pear nectar. It gets a hint of sour from lemons and some sweetness from a homemade basil syrup. Finish it off with a sparkling rosé and let the party begin.

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    Berry Bliss

    Midori Berry Bliss Punch

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    Add a pop of color to your punch table with the electric green berry bliss recipe. You can make it by the single glass, fill a pitcher for a few people, or mix up a full punch for a crowd. No matter how much you mix up, it's sure to please.

    The punch includes Midori, that popular bright green, melon-flavored liqueur. That is mixed with vanilla and raspberry vodkas as well as pineapple juice. While you could use soda, it's best with Italy's Prosecco.

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    Pineapple Mimosa

    Pineapple Mimosa

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    The mimosa is the ultimate Champagne cocktail and a favorite for brunch. Give that classic a tropical twist and serve your guests pineapple mimosas instead.

    This simple recipe uses a pineapple vodka with lemon and orange juices. Honey syrup sweetens the mix and Prosecco is the sparkling wine of choice. It's invigorating and a perfect pairing for any food you're serving.​