16 Impressive Cognac Cocktails

The French brandy isn't just for sipping straight

The Beautiful Cocktail

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While you may be inclined to reserve a bottle of cognac for an evening sipper, the French brandy is also a fantastic ingredient for cocktails. From high-end classics to intriguing modern creations, there are many fascinating ways to drink cognac.

In these recipes, you'll discover a nice range of cognac cocktails. Some are dry and simple, while others are sour and complex; a few are warm and comforting, and there's also plenty of fresh fruit and other produce to be found. It's a surprisingly diverse collection, so you're sure to find a perfect drink for every mood and occasion.

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    Classic Sidecar Cocktail

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    Cognac's most famous cocktail is the sidecar. The recipe is over a century old, and the sour drink is one that every cocktail connoisseur should familiarize themselves with. It mixes the brandy with Cointreau and lemon juice for an invigorating drink you won't want to miss.

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    Vieux Carré

    Vieux Carre Cocktail

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    Paired with rye whiskey and sweet vermouth, cognac comes to life in the Vieux Carré. You'll also need Bénédictine and two styles of bitters to pull off this classic New Orleans recipe. A must for anyone who appreciates a depth of flavor, it's a timeless drink you'll want to add to your regular rotation.

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    French 75

    French 75 Cocktail

    The Spruce / Nyssa Tanner

    While you could mix up a French 75 with gin, it's equally impressive when you pour cognac instead. The brandy is one of the original options for this lively Champagne cocktail and produces the ultimate French drink. It's perfect for celebrating any special occasion.

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    Japanese Cocktail

    Classic Japanese Cocktail
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    The Japanese cocktail is not what you might expect from the name. The recipe pairs cognac with the almond flavor of orgeat syrup and tosses a little lime into the mix to create the perfect balance of sweet and sour.

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    Morning Glory

    Classic Morning Glory Cocktail
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    If you enjoy the Vieux Carré, you'll want to taste the morning glory. This classic also pairs cognac with rye whiskey, but instead of vermouth, the recipe uses orange curaçao and simple syrup. It's accented with a dash of absinthe and topped with club soda for an unforgettable flavor experience.

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    Champagne Bowler

    Champagne Bowler

    The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

    Whatever you're celebrating, the Champagne bowler is a great cocktail to invite to the party. It features fresh strawberries with cognac, plus white and sparkling wines. Sweet, refreshing, and simple, this one's sure to be a hit.

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    French Connection

    French Connection cocktail

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    You'll need just two ingredients for this aromatic sipper. The French connection is an uncomplicated mix of cognac accented with amaretto. That nutty sweetness is a fantastic way to enhance your favorite brandy, especially after a nice meal.

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    The Beautiful Cocktail

    The Beautiful Cocktail

    The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

    A fitting name, this truly is a beautiful cocktail. Yet, it's also one of the easiest drinks you can make, with nothing more than equal parts cognac and Grand Marnier. Serving it in a brandy snifter captures the aroma and invites you back for each sip.

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    Dulce de Tequila

    Dulce de Tequila Cocktail
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    An unlikely duo, you'll love how well cognac and tequila get along. The dulce de tequila is a classically styled sour that brings the two spirits together in a wonderful way. It also has the rich sweetness of agave nectar, which is further highlighted by the sugar rim.

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    Hennessy Cognac Jack-O-Lantern Cocktail

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    Hidden under the pumpkin top lies a fruity cognac cocktail. The jack-o-lantern is as simple as it is fun, mixing the brandy with orange juice and topping it with ginger ale. It may have been designed for Halloween, but it's enjoyable any day of the year.

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    Ginger Tea

    Hennessy Cognac Ginger Tea
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    Spiked iced tea is a nice treat in the summer. While it may not be the most common base for this style of drink, cognac works out rather well. This ginger tea is a fascinating recipe that uses green tea and adds fresh ginger and mint for a refreshing zing.

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    Café Amore

    Cafe Amore Hot Coffee Cocktail
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    Cognac is fabulous when heated, and it's paired with amaretto and coffee in the delightful café amore. The recipe makes a nice after-dinner drink and is incredibly easy. You can even top it with whipped cream and shaved almonds for a decadent treat that replaces dessert.

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    Hennessy Hot Cocoa

    Hennessy Hot Cocoa

    Arx0nt / Moment / Getty Images

    Comfort in a mug, the Hennessy hot cocoa is the excuse you need to spike the classic winter drink. This recipe is a little more interesting than pouring a shot of cognac into hot chocolate, though. You'll also enjoy the flavors of spiced syrup, vanilla, and heavy cream.

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    Snow Honey

    The Snow Honey - Warm Cognac Milk Cocktail

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    The snow honey is the nightcap of your dreams. In it, warm milk is sweetened with clover honey and spiked with cognac. You will be hard-pressed to find a hot cocktail as relaxing as this one.

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    Apricot Sunray

    Hennessy Black Apricot Sunray Punch

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    Treat party guests to a punch that's filled with tantalizing flavors. The apricot sunray is loaded with apricots, and the fruity flavor is intensified with blood oranges and lemons. The cognac and dry sparkling wine bring it all together to create a memorable drink that everyone's sure to love.

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    Vin Chaud

    Vin Chaud French Mulled Wine

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    Vin chaud is the French version of mulled wine. Ideal for winter gatherings, the steaming punch of red wine, cognac, and mulling spices is not only delightful to drink but will also fill your home with the most inviting aroma.

More Cognac Cocktails

As a style of brandy, cognac works well in nearly any drink recipe that calls for brandy. It's most enjoyable in simple cocktails with just a few ingredients. Use it in the B&B with Bénédictine or give it a try with sweet vermouth in the metropolitan. There is even a version of the iconic Sazerac that splits rye whiskey with cognac.