Indian Cooking Basics

Understand the basics of Indian food and cooking, with our resources on ingredients, cooking techniques and glossary of terms.
A selection of Indian dishes
How to Get Started Cooking Indian Food
Plate of Indian Gulab Jamun
Easy and Delicious Indian Gulab Jamun
South Indian Lemon Rice
South Indian Lemon Rice
Indian dishes
Dine Like an Indian! The Ultimate Guide to Dining Indian Style
Authentic Murg Makhani (Butter Chicken)
Murg Makhani: Indian Butter Chicken
Close up of spices
What Is Garam Masala?
illustration featuring several varieties of indian bread
The Ultimate Indian Bread Guide
Chicken Saagwala
33 Easy and Quick Indian Recipes
Grilled Tandoori Chicken
Grilled Tandoori Chicken
Very famous indian and pakistani dish kadi pakora.
Authentic Indian Curry Recipes
How to Make Yogurt Without a Yogurt Maker
Naan leavened Indian flatbread recipe
Oven-Baked Naan (Leavened Indian Flatbread)
Mughlai Biryani Recipe
What Is Biryani?
Ingredients for garam masala
Hara Masala (Green Spice Mix)
Chai tea with spices.
An Easy Recipe for Adrak Ki Chai - Ginger Tea
Upma: A Favorite Indian Breakfast
Upma: A Favorite Indian Breakfast
Cucumber raita
Cucumber Raita
Upma With Sevai or Vermicelli
Curry powder
9-Boy Chicken Curry Condiments
Tandoori Spice Mix
Tandoori Spice Mix
Seitan Tikka Masala on rice with soy yogurt and served with paratha breads and tea
Red Coconut Masala
North Indian Chickpea Curry
14 Indian Lentil (Daal) Dishes
South Indian Coconut Chutney
South Indian Coconut Chutney
Chicken vindaloo
Discovering Indian Cuisine
Carom Seeds
What Is Ajwain (Carom) Seed?
Mint-Coriander Chutney
Mint-Coriander Chutney
An Indian Wok - Kadhai
Cookware to Get You Started
The Cuisine of North India
Dosa with Sambar
Sambar Masala Indian Spice Mix
Paratha Recipes - Pan Fried Flatbread Recipes
High Angle View Of Garam Masala In Container
Garam Masala Spice Mix
South Indian tangy tomato rice recipe
South Indian Tangy Tomato Rice
Chicken Saagwala
Indian Dishes for Beginners
Chapati bread
6 Popular Indian Breads
Easy Indian Gravy
Easy Indian Gravy
Badam Milk
Indian Badam Milk: A Spiced Almond Beverage
Mint chutney veggie sandwich
Indian Sandwich Recipes
A square white dish and spoon filled with curry powder
What Is Curry Powder?
Chiken Tikka Masala
Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe
mango pickles
Aam Ka Achaar (Indian Mango Pickles)
Clarified butter (ghee) in a glass jar
How to Make Ghee (Clarified Butter)
Tomato kasundi
Kasundi: Eastern Indian Tomato Chutney
Close up photo of pile of Hing seasoning on a table
What Is Hing or Heeng?
A bowl of Basmati rice
How to Cook Basmati Rice With Less Starch
Cutting Eggplant Without Discoloration
Nigella seed, a main ingredient in Paanch Phoran
Panch Phoron
A glass of Delhi-style cold coffee
Delhi-Style Cold Coffee
Sweet and Savory Spiced Papaya Raisin Chutney Recipe
Indian cook cutting herbs into pan
Is Indian Food Always Spicy?
Moong Dal Cheela
Moong Daal Ka Cheela - Savory Moong Bean Pancakes
Dosa on plate with sauces
How to Make a Dosa
Mustard seeds
Using Mustard Seeds to Cook Indian Cuisine
Indian cuisine - Grilled Tandoori chicken
Indian Grilling
Fennel seeds
Uses for Saunf (Fennel Seeds) in Indian Cooking
what is black cardamom
What Is Black Cardamom?
What Is the Thali Way of Eating Indian Food?
Indian paan
What Is Paan?
Heap of cardamom pods
How to Easily Make Ground Cardamom
Nimbu ka Achaar (Lime Pickle) Recipe
Nimbu ka Achaar (Lime Pickle)
chutney and ingredients
Pyaaz Ki (Onion) Chutney