Indian Dessert Recipes

Desserts in India are an essential part of any holiday or special occasion. Browse our selection of recipes, including banana fritters, rice pudding, mango ice cream and more.
Mishti Doi
Mishti Doi (Sweet Yoghurt)
Coconut-filled gujiya
Gujiya With Coconut Filling
Rasguilia Indian dessert recipe
Classic Rasgulla: A Delicious Indian Dessert
Ice Cream
Sitaphal - Custard Apple Ice Cream Recipe
Sandesh mishti
Sandesh Mishti - Bengali Dessert
Rajma Dal: Red Kidney Bean Curry
10 Traditional North Indian Recipes
Milk Barfi with pistachios and almonds as a garnish
Indian Milk Barfi Dessert (Microwave Made)
Indian Rice Pudding (Kheer)
Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding) Recipe
Sandesh ready to be devoured
Bengali Sweets and Desserts
Jalebi deep fried dessert
Jalebi - Indian Celebration Sweet
Mukhwas: Indian After-Meal Breath Freshener
Bebinca layered goan recipe
Bebinca (Layered Goan Dessert) Recipe
Shakkarpara recipe
Shakkarpara Recipe
laddu besan flour
Gram Flour Besan Ka Laddoo
Indian Boondi or Motichoor Laddoo Recipe
Indian Semolina (Sooji Ka Halwa)
Indian Semolina (Sooji Ka Halwa) Dessert
Gulgulas (Indian Banana Fritters)
Gulgulas (Indian Banana Fritters)
Super Easy Mango Kulfi
Charlene's Super Easy Mango Kulfi Recipe
Indian Guava Cheese
Indian Guava Cheese
Decadent sitaphal cream
Decadent Sitaphal Cream
Ras Malai
Ras Malai Recipe
Kulkuls Indian sweet curls recipe
Kulkuls (Indian Christmas Sweet Curls)
Indian bread pudding
A Shahi Tukra Recipe
Badam Almond Halwa Indian Dessert Recipe
Badam Almond Halwa Indian Dessert Recipe
Tablespoon filled with granulated sugar
Making Sugar Syrup for Indian Desserts
Gulab jamun
Popular North Indian Desserts
Chicken Curry With Rice
Making Curry Less Salty