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Food is a huge deal in Goa! Its position on India's lush, green western coast means there is an abundance of fresh fish and seafood. Pork is a hot favorite too. Hours are spent preparing delicious dishes from recipes often passed down through generations.

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    Pork Vindaloo

    Pork Vindaloo
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    Hot and tangy! Eat Pork Vindaloo with plain boiled rice or Jeera Rice and a leafy green salad.

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    Vindaloo Masala

    Another spicy masala paste this is typically used as the base in a pork curry but tastes just as good with chicken.

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    Make Sorpatel a couple of days ahead and refrigerate. It tastes better with time.

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    Goan Fish Curry

    Tangy and spicy, this curry is almost a staple food in Goa!

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    Mackerel Raechad

    This delicious fried fish recipe combines the sharp, fiery taste of Raechad masala and the strong flavor of the mackerel.

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    Raechad Masala

    This fiery hot masala paste can be used as the main spice mix in a curry or to marinate meat or fish.

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    Prawns Rava Fry (semolina batter-fried prawns)

    These golden, crispy fried prawns make a terrific appetizer.

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    Fresh Prawn Pickle

    A simple recipe for a delicious pickle made with fresh prawns.

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    Prawn Ambot Tik

    This delicious curry tastes great with plain steamed or boiled rice. It can also be made with fish or chicken if you so prefer.

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    Prawn Balchao

    This fiery dish is almost like a pickle! Do as the Goans do and serve it with hot plain boiled rice.

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    This typically coastal Indian food is eaten with curries, stir-fries and even on its own. There's nothing like warm, soft and fluffy Sannas to go with a Pork Vindaloo or Sorpatel!

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    A traditional rich Goan dessert, Bebinca is a must have at any celebration be it a birth, wedding, Christmas or Easter! Making Bebinca requires patience. A layer can only be added when the one below it is cooked, but the end result is well worth the effort. Traditional Bebinca has 16 layers, but you can make as many as you like.

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    Goa Sausage Curry

    This simple, hot and tangy curry is delicious! For me, it brings back happy memories of childhood family holidays to Goa. We would often eat this curry at road side stalls or beach shacks.

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    Spicy Goan Pork Pies

    Spicy Goan Pork Pies are technically fusion food as they combine the delicious flavors of a spicy Indian curry with the hearty and wholesome taste of pie pastry! 

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    Goa Sausage Pulao

    Hot and tangy Goa Sausage tastes delicious no matter what you combine it with! In this easy to cook pulao, it makes for a delicious, wholesome meal.