How to Make Individual Beef Wellingtons

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    Begin with filets 1 inch thick.

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    The first step is browning the filets. Be sure to use a digital instant-read or probe thermometer to avoid over-cooking. Note that we've tied the filet with a piece of twine to force it into a round shape.

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    Brown the filets.

    Beef Wellington Tutorial
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    Cook the filets on both sides and edges. You want to reach an internal temperature 120 F but be careful to not go higher in temperature, then pull the filet off the heat. When it's finally baked you will end up a perfectly medium-rare filet. 

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    Make the duxelles

    Beef Wellington Tutorial
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    1. Finely chop the mushrooms in a food processor, then dump into a cotton towel.
    2. Roll up the towel and squeeze out as much moisture as you can over the sink.
    3. You will end up with a somewhat dry granular mixture.
    4. Saute the mixture until browned.
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    Layout the pastry

    Beef Wellington Tutorial
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    1. Unfold a pastry sheet and place 2 or 3 tablespoons of duxelles in the center. Depending on the size of your filets you may need to roll out the pastry somewhat to be sure it's large enough.
    2. Place the filet on top of the duxelles. Be sure to remove the twine at this point, if you tied the filets.
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    Trim the pastry

    Beef Wellington
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    Cut out the four corners of the pastry sheet (as you saw in the previous step). Note that we've left a flap on the right- (and left-) hand sides of the bottom and top flaps. These flaps fold in and seal the corners.

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    Wrap the filets

    Beef Wellington Tutorial
    Kevin D Weeks
    1. Fold one flap over, brush the opposite flap with egg wash then fold it over and press to seal.
    2. Brush edges of bottom flap with egg wash, fold over the top, wrap edges in, and press to seal. Repeat with top flap.
    3. You should now have a complete package, gently press the edges and top to secure seals.
    4. Turn package over and, if you wish, cut out some sort of shape from the scrap pastry and paste it to the top of the package with egg wash. Then brush entire package with egg wash and bake.
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    Bake to perfection...

    Beef Wellington Tutorial
    Kevin D Weeks

    Bake for 30 minutes and serve. Beef Wellington deserves its reputation. It's both elegant, delicious, and can be completely prepped short of the final baking a day in advance; perfect for any special occasion.