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Glossary of Ingredients

From exotic ingredients to the ingredients you just want to know more about, we've got the definitions, as well as information on the regions they're from and more.
Types of Table Grapes
bouillon cubes
What Are Bouillon Cubes?
What Is Goetta?
Tupelo honey
What Is Tupelo Honey?
mezcal and agave leaves
What is Mezcal?
What Is Mitsuba?
Wood Ear Mushroom
What Are Wood Ear Mushrooms?
lobster mushroom
What Are Lobster Mushrooms?
Cake flour
What Is Cake Flour?
Colby longhorn
Colby Cheese
Roquefort cheese
Roquefort Cheese
Goat cheese with olive oil
Goat Cheese
Gorgonzola cheese
Gorgonzola Cheese
Velveeta cheese box
Velveeta Cheese
Manchego cheese on a wooden board
Manchego Cheese
Fontina cheese on a wooden table
Fontina Cheese
Caerphilly Cheese
What Is Caerphilly Cheese
Bell peppers
What Are Bell Peppers?
Fish and seafood
Seafood By The Season
What Is Cod Fish?
A shopper reading food labels
Food Labels
Fresh watercress leaves
What Is Watercress?
Fresh apricots
What Is An Apricot?
Brown eggs on striped tablecloth
Types of Eggs
Sweet lime
What Are Sweet Limes?
Crookneck squash
What Are Crookneck Squash?
Pastry flour
What Is Pastry Flour?
What Is Lard?
Pine needle tea
What Is Pine Needle Tea?
Tomato powder
What Is Tomato Powder?
Fresh homemade pasta noodles.
What Are Egg Noodles?
Cara Cara oranges
What Are Cara Cara Oranges?
What Are Peppadews
Pearl sugar
What Is Pearl Sugar?
Sanding sugar
What Is Sanding Sugar?
Pizza dough
What Is 00 Flour?
Spelt flour
What Is Spelt Flour?
Bread flour in a glass jar with spoon
What Is Bread Flour?
Sorghum flour
What Is Sorghum Flour?
all purpose flour in a bag
What Is All-Purpose Flour?
Vegetable oil
What Is Vegetable Oil?
Avocado oil
What Is Avocado Oil?
Butternut squash cut in half on a wooden background
What Is Butternut Squash?
Red kuri squash
What Is Red Kuri Squash?
Savoy cabbage
What Is Savoy Cabbage?
Halved and whole heads of green cabbage in a basket
What Is Green Cabbage?
Red cabbage
What Is Red Cabbage?
Beer cheese
Beer Cheese
Mushroom Coffee
What Is Mushroom Coffee?
White Chocolate pieces
What Is White Chocolate?
cotija cheese
Cotija Cheese
Limburger Cheese
Limburger Cheese
Guava Leaf Tea
Guava Leaf Tea
Monterey Jack Cheese cubes
Monterey Jack Cheese
What Is Colatura?
Cremini mushrooms on a wooden background
What Are Cremini Mushrooms?
A cup of coffee in a white cup
What Is Decaf Coffee?
Apple cider in a mug with cinnamon
What Is Apple Cider?
Rose Water Cocktail
What is Rose Water?
apricot kernels
What Are Apricot Kernels?

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