20 Instagram-Worthy Ice Cream Shops to Check Out This Summer

Snap a Photo Before Your Cone Melts

salt & straw summer berry ice cream in a cone


When the hot weather hits and a craving for ice cream sets in, don’t settle for whatever you can find in the freezer aisle. It's worth visiting one of the best ice cream shops in the country for a scoop, shake, or sundae that will change your standards for the cold sweet stuff forever. And bring your phone, because these spots are seriously 'gram-worthy. Try the one closest to you or embark on an ice cream-centric road trip to experience the most unique, artisanal scoop shops the country has to offer. Now, that’s something worth screaming for.

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    Molly Moon's

    two scoops of strawberry shortcake ice cream on a cone from molly moon's ice cream shop


    Ice cream fans can eat great and feel good about it at this Seattle area scoop shop. With 90 percent of their ice cream ingredients sourced from the Pacific Northwest, Molly Moons' sustainable shop also gives back to local charities and nonprofits. And with flavors like honey lavender, and "scout" mint made with the real Girl Scout cookies, your taste buds will be as happy as your heart.

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    Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

    pint of mint and white chocolate ice cream by jeni's ice cream


    You won't find a long list of preservatives on Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams' labels. These lusciously rich and velvety scoops are made the old-fashioned way and you can really taste the difference. They also employ a fellowship model, buying directly from farmers and growers whenever possible. Taste the difference with flavors like Texas sheet cake, frosé, and strawberry buttermilk. With locations in Columbus (where owner Jeni Britton Bauer is based), Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and more, there's likely a Jeni's near you.

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    Ice and Vice

    ice & vice ice cream sampler on waffle cone tray


    Edgy and experimental, the New York City-based Ice & Vice pushes the boundaries in the most delectable way. With flavors that include prickly pear and candied cactus meringue, Mexican vanilla with black lava sea salt, and Vietnamese coffee with donut truffles, you won't find your plain old, same old here. Step outside of your comfort zone and into your new frozen obsession.

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    Fat Cat Creamery

    Fat Cat Creamery pints


    Made with whole milk, heavy cream, sugar, and egg yolks from local farms, Houston's Fat Cat Creamery believes in supporting their neighbors. And it's not just a gimmick—this crew of cool "cats" makes a seriously awesome product. With five steady flavors including Mexican vanilla and milk chocolate stout alongside rotating seasonal offerings, you'll always find something to tickle your taste buds.

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    Lappert's Ice Cream

    Lappert's ice cream


    Taste the tropical flavors of Hawaii without leaving the mainland at one of Lappert's Ice Cream's locations in Scottsdale, Las Vegas, and several California cities. While owner Michael Lappert did inherit half of the original Hawaii Lappert's operation, the two operate separately. Treats like macadamia nut, ube (a purple sweet potato-like root vegetable), and Kona coffee will transport you to the islands without a plane ticket.

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    Moomers Homemade Ice Cream

    Moomers cones in the pasture


    The Plummer family opened Moomers Homemade Ice Cream in 1998 to bring over 160 flavors of homemade premium ice cream right from the farm to the cone. With more than 20 on deck on any given day, guests can enjoy unusual options like pickle, banana bread and cherries moobilie (a black cherry ice cream swirled with fresh fruit and dark fudge), as well as old favorites like rum raisin and rocky road.

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    Alleyway Ice Cream

    Alleyway Ice Cream


    Good things really do come in small packages at Alleyway Ice Cream, located in a former 80-square-foot cleaning closet of The Village Inn in Saugerties, New York. Owner Julian Hom develops new flavors inspired by his travels to over 40 countries like the Philippines, Egypt, China, and Ukraine. Those include ube Heath Bar crunch, black sesame caramel, earl grey & mom's scones, buttermilk strawberry, and more.

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    Mother Moo Creamery

    chocolate soft serve ice cream with sprinkles


    Ingredients for Mother Moo Creamery's small-batch artisanal ice cream are often grown within miles of the store. Come for the ice cream, stay for the old timey merchandise and nostalgic California memorabilia that's perfect for taking a trip back in time. Flavors include classic butterscotch and Dutch apple pie crumble, but its large non-dairy menu with flavors like grapefruit Campari and tangerine sorbet means dairy-free fans can get in on the fun, too.

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    Ice Cream Jubilee

    A pint of Ice Cream Jubilee


    Ice Cream Jubilee owner Victoria Lai started her D.C. business because she wanted to share something that brings her joy, as well as encourage others to pursue their passions. Her creativity and drive comes through in the cone and the cup with mouthwatering flavors like banana bourbon caramel, blackberry chamomile cheesecake and Thai iced tea.

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    The Bent Spoon

    thai basil coconut sorbet in a cup from the bent spoon ice cream shop


    Eat local in Princeton, New Jersey with The Bent Spoon which has been working with area artisans since before it was cool. Taste the difference with their "farm to spoon" organic flavors from a shop that also supports school gardens. Flavors include lime thyme, coffee sugar cone, basil coconut sorbet, and other mind-blowing combinations.

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    Morelli's Ice Cream

    Ice cream cone at Morelli's Ice Cream


    Critically acclaimed Morelli's Ice Cream in Atlanta has a solid reputation for a reason: Their ice cream is just that good. It's creamy, dense, and comes in unique flavors like Krispy Kreme with real doughnut chunks, coconut jalapeño, red raspberry Coke, and so many more. Give yourself lots of time—it's going to be hard to choose.

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    Heifer and the Hen

    scoop of ice cream in cone


    The owners of Boulder's Heifer and the Hen really care about ice cream. Starting with a creamy, organic base and painting outside the lines leads to creative offerings like burnt honey, chocolate tequila and sea salt, and golden milk. The shop also serves ice cream sandwiches and other scoop shop favorites, as well as a Nitro cold brew affogato that will give you a caffeine buzz to go with your sugar high.

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    Clementine's Creamery

    scoop of ice cream in cone from Clementine's Creamery


    Get a little naughty with the small-batch Clementine's Creamery in St. Louis. They offer both delectably unique ice cream and—for an adult experience—a boozy ice cream line. Enjoy a Manhattan flavor made with whiskey and sweet vermouth, chocolate cabernet with real Cabernet wine, and a smoky tequila chocolate mole that will have you dancing the salsa before the last bite.

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    Salt & Straw

    scoop of salt & straw ice cream


    Salt & Straw started in Portland, Ore. to build strong local communities, create innovative and exciting flavors, and have a little fun along the way. Now with scoop shops in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Anaheim, and Seattle, you've got lots of opportunities to try their awesome ice cream. Don't sleep on options like goat cheese marionberry habanero, birthday cake and blackberries, and cinnamon snickerdoodle.

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    Mount Desert Island Ice Cream

    MDI ice cream


    You may have heard of Mount Desert Island Ice Cream in Bar Harbor after the Obamas visited a few years ago, but it's worth stopping by for more than star power. Their thoughtfully-sourced, small-batch flavors can now be found in Portland, Maine, Washington, D.C., and even Japan so even more can enjoy the likes of cortado, white chocolate with a berry ripple, and a hot chili chocolate that will knock your socks off.

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    Izzy's Ice Cream

    Izzy's ice cream cone


    You may want to study ahead of time before you head to Izzy's Ice Cream in St. Paul. With over 100 flavors from both right at home and around the globe, there's something for everyone to like and plenty to try on return visits. You'll taste the commitment to quality, dedication to sourcing the best ingredients, and passion for the craft in every cone.

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    Crank and Boom Craft Ice Cream

    Crank and Boom ice cream


    Crank and Boom didn't start out with the usual chocolate or vanilla. No, the owners started out serving coconut ice cream in the back of their family restaurant, Thai Orchid Cafe in Lexington. Once they realized people were ordering more ice cream than entrees, they decided to branch out and it's a good thing they did. Now, you can experience Crank and Boom's locally driven flavors like Kentucky blackberry and buttermilk, strawberry balsamic sorbet, and yes, that famous coconut.

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    Ample Hills Creamery

    Ample Hills with Brooklyn bridge


    The only thing more creative than Brooklyn native Ample Hills Creamery's flavors might be their names—monikers like "Baby I Was Churned This Way," (hazelnut ice cream with candy-coated sunflower seeds) "I Contain Breakfast Foods" (sweet cream ice cream with coffee cake and chocolate donut pieces), and "State Fair" (corn ice cream with popcorn brittle and caramel swirls). And because it ships many of its flavors nationwide, you have no excuse for not trying a few.

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    Fifty Licks

    Fifty Licks truck and cone


    Beer nerd Chad Draizin first moved to Portland, Oregon for an internship at Portland Brewing, but started to crave a scoop of French-style ice cream and a good cup of Cuban coffee. Like any good entrepreneur, he fixed up a blue truck and got to work. Today, Fifty Licks serves flavors like chocolate AF, butter SCOTCH whisky (with a hit of the high-proof stuff), and banana pudding for locals who just need a scoop and a cuppa.

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    Oddfellows Ice Cream Co.

    scoop of ice cream from oddfellows


    Lots of people like their ice cream with a cold glass of water to combat the creaminess, but have you ever tried it with a pint of suds? At Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. in New York City, you can pair your cone with a boozier sidecar and enjoy offbeat flavors that pay homage to its name. While options rotate frequently, some favorites have included honey and salted sunflower, pistachio cardamom caramel, and lychee sorbet.