Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

instant pot boiled eggs on a board

The Spruce Eats / Diana Rattray

Prep: 0 mins
Cook: 5 mins
Pressure Build/Release: 10 mins
Total: 15 mins
Servings: 8 servings

Everyone knows eggs close to their expiration date are the best choice for conventional hard-boiled eggs because they peel neatly. But what if your eggs are fresh? The Instant Pot produces smooth peeled hard-boiled eggs in about 15 minutes from start to finish—and it doesn't matter how fresh the eggs are! All you have to do is stack the eggs on a trivet in the Instant Pot, add some water, and pressure-cook them for 4 or 5 minutes. Think 5-4-5 or 5-5-5, and you'll never have to hunt for a recipe. It takes about 5 minutes for the Instant Pot to build pressure, 4 or 5 minutes to cook, followed by the 5-minute natural release.

Using the Instant Pot is an especially excellent method when you need perfectly smooth eggs for recipes such as deviled eggs or salads. Plus, there's no need to watch a pot for boilovers and you won't be disappointed with overcooked or undercooked eggs. 

Aside from deviled eggs, there are many ways to use hard-boiled eggs. Add chopped hard-cooked eggs to a tuna or chicken salad mixtures or serve them sliced on a spinach salad. They are an essential ingredient in a flavorful picnic potato salad and they are delicious when used as a sandwich filling.


  • 8 to 12 eggs
  • 1 cup water

Steps to Make It

  1. Gather the ingredients.

    ingredients for instant pot hard boiled eggs
    The Spruce Eats / Diana Rattray
  2. Pour the water into the inner pot of the Instant Pot. Place a trivet in the pot and arrange the eggs on the trivet. Lock the lid in place and make sure the pressure release valve is in the sealing position. Select pressure cook (or manual on earlier pots), high pressure, and set the timer for 4 minutes for medium or 5 minutes for hard-boiled. Medium eggs are somewhat moist in the centers of the yolks. For soft-boiled eggs, set the timer for 3 minutes.

    Instant Pot hard boiled eggs on a trivet
    The Spruce Eats / Diana Rattray
  3. Meanwhile, fill a large bowl with ice and cold water. Set aside.

    ice water bath for Instant Pot hard boiled eggs
    The Spruce Eats / Diana Rattray
  4. When the time is up, let the pressure come down naturally for 5 minutes, then carefully move the pressure release valve to the venting position to release the remaining pressure. Transfer the eggs to the ice water.

  5. When the eggs are cool enough to handle, gently rap both ends of one egg on a hard surface and then roll it, pressing slightly, to crack it all over.

    Instant pot hard boiled egg ready to peel
    The Spruce Eats / Diana Rattray
  6. Starting at the wide end, peel the egg under a stream of running water.

    peeling an Instant Pot hard boiled egg
    The Spruce Eats / Diana Rattray
  7. Repeat cracking and peeling the remaining eggs.

    Instant Pot hard boiled eggs peeled
    The Spruce Eats / Diana Rattray


  • Peeled or unpeeled hard-boiled eggs may be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.
  • When transporting eggs for lunch, parties, or picnics, pack the cooled hard-boiled eggs in a cooler or insulated lunch box with ice or frozen gel packs.
  • If there is no expiration date on your eggs or if they are past the expiration date, it's easy to test for freshness. Fill a bowl with tap water. Place one or more eggs in the water. If the egg lays horizontally on the bottom of the bowl, it is quite fresh. If the egg stands upright, it is fine, but should be eaten soon. If the egg floats to the top of the water, it should be discarded.