Chinese Cuisine Introduction

Chinese Take Out
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Chinese Cuisine Introduction

Welcome to Chinese food on The Spruce. Whether you’re new to Chinese cooking or a long-time fan visiting the site for the first time, tis is the place to begin. You’ll find links to basic information on Chinese cooking, holiday ideas, nutritional information, a little bit of the origin or story behind the food as well as the role of food in Chinese culture.

For the beginner:

Here is a complete index of all my resource to make Chinese cooking easier for the beginner, including cooking methods, tips, FAQ’s and choosing a cooking class.

Articles, Columns and Special Features:

Look to these for recipes, tips on preparing and serving Chinese food, regional cuisines, nutritional information, and how to celebrate special occasions such as Chinese New Years The following pages have been designed to help you:

At the Table

Resources on Chinese meals and dining, from meal planning and mastering chopsticks to dim sum. This link also contains some historic information of chopsticks and dim sum.

Chinese Cuisine Book Store

For anyone who loves Chinese food - This link is an assortment of cookbooks and novels that depict the major role food plays in Chinese culture. Includes reviews and sample recipes.

Help with preparing Chinese food, from stir-frying tips to general information on ingredients and sources for purchasing Chinese food online.

Food History

Learn more about the history of specific Chinese foods and popular dishes, such as the controversial bird's next soup that has been around for generations.

From Bok Choy to Noodles

Information about Chinese/Asian ingredients that includes cooking tips and recipes.

Check your Chinese horoscope, brush up on your food trivia, play “Who Wants To Be A Chinese Cuisine Cullionaire?“ and more.

Holidays and special Occasions

You can find all the information about the special foods served on Chinese holidays, and tips on how to add an oriental flavour to traditional holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Nutritional Information

Resources pertaining to the health aspects of Chinese cuisine, and a collection of healthy recipes.


Looking for recipes on the Chinese cuisine site? Want to find some new ideas for cooking? This is the place to start.

Regional Cooking Styles

Find out more about the distinct regional styles that make up Chinese cuisine.


Reader restaurant recommendations and tips for lowering fat and calories when enjoying Chinese take-out.