Irresistible Slider Sandwich Recipes - We Bet You Can't Have Just One!

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    Mini Italian Meatball Sliders

    mini italian meatball sliders
    mini italian meatball sliders. Grilled Cheese Social

    These little Italian meatball sliders are perfect for parties... especially the SUPER BOWL! Just add spicy whole grain mustard to toasted mini rolls then top with cheesy meatballs, roasted red and yellow peppers, and some capers. I used pre-made ingredients but if you made the meatballs and roasted the red peppers yourself, these little sandwiches could be even more impressive!

    And yes, this recipe only makes 2 tiny sliders but you could easily increase the ingredients and make a large amount for a party or a dozen for a fun little appetizer. And if you're looking to make your party even more fun – Add customized tooth picks into each one or invite your friends over, ask them to bring a bunch of random ingredients and have a make your own sandwich party. ​  

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    Asian BBQ Pulled Pork Slider Sandwich Recipe with Apple Slaw

    Asian Slaw BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders
    Asian Slaw BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders. Grilled Cheese Social

    Check out the recipe for these tender pulled pork sliders topped with tangy asian bbq sauce, crisp refreshing apple slaw and sweet and spicy pickles.  

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    Vegetarian Sloppy Joes with Pickled Radish and Cucumber

    Vegetarian Sloppy Joes with Pickled Radish and Cucumber
    Vegetarian Sloppy Joes with Pickled Radish and Cucumber. Grilled Cheese Social

    Vegetarian Sloppy Joes made with a mix of barley and caramelized vegetables are just as good - if not better - than the typical hamburger based versions. Packed full of flavor, vitamins and nutrients, these guilt-free sandwiches will please even the most die hard of meat eaters. And by topping these sandwiches with fermented vegetables such as DIY quick pickled radish and cucumbers, a significant dose of healthy probiotics are added to each bite. 

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    Monte Cristo + Brie Sliders

    Monte Cristo + Brie Sliders
    Monte Cristo + Brie Sliders. Grilled Cheese Social

    These sweet and savory little monte cristo sliders feature creamy brie, thinly sliced turkey and ham, tangy raspberry jam and crusty French bread. And instead of deep frying the entire sandwich, like some monte cristos are made, this sandwich is grilled on the stove with salted butter. These little sliders may not be the healthiest of options, but they're super tasty and little so you don't have to feel bad about eating them. 

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    Curried Meatball Sliders

    Curried Meatball Sliders
    Curried Meatball Sliders. Grilled Cheese Social

    Curried meatballs, cherry peppers, and thai basil come together between two buttery toasted slices of French bread on these flavorful little meatball sliders. For a variation of this recipe, try swapping out the red curry for yellow curry and add crushed peanuts, pickled bamboo shoots and a citrusy carrot slaw. You can also use a green curry base and a few more toppings like fresh bean sprouts, a few sprigs of mint and cilantro, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. 

    This colorful spread is a perfect game day appetizer and can even be made into a fun DIY bar. Just set all the sides in cute little bolws and have the meatballs constantly simmering in small crock pots. It's easy, fun, and obviously – it tastes awesome!

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    Pickled Peach Grilled Cheese with Virginia Ham

    Grilled Cheese with Pickled Peaches and Virginia Ham
    Pickled Peach Grilled Cheese with Virginia Ham. Grilled Cheese Social

    These little slider grilled cheese sandwiches are packed with flavor and they make the perfect bite-size appetizers and party snack. Filled with a dollop of woodsy mulberry jam, some salty slices of Virginia ham, a couple of bright pickled peach segments, and nutty shreds of gouda and then grilled between two buttery sweet slices of Hawaiian bread, this sandwich packs quite the flavorful punch.

    And the best part is that this sandwich is good all year round - whether you're making it in the middle of summer when peaches are perfectly in season or whether you're making it in the dead of winter, after your peaches have been pickling for a few months.