Is Oatmeal Paleo?

Paleo 101: Is Oatmeal Paleo?

Paleo Oatmeal
A bowl of oatmeal with raisins on top. Jowena Chua/Getty Images

Essentially, oats are grain. I’ll save you the detailed and scientific reason about all the different elements that make up oats and what they can do to you, but what you need to know is that basically, oats are grain.


Does Paleo allow grains? Nope.




Before my time as a primal eater, I would buy a huge box (of nameless, but quite obvious) quick oatmeal. You recall the kind, the one that has all the best flavors with little bits of sweet dried fruit and calming spice flavors like Cinnamon.

I would then eat 1-2 of said packets every morning for breakfast and sometimes as a midday snack (my Paleo insides are cringing).


You know what some experts say, though? They say rolled oats, which are most nutrient-dense, may not be that bad for you ON OCCASION.


This is the major keyword, and seriously, I mean occasionally.


Even Primal Blueprint author, Mark Sisson, tried a version of oats and gives you the “low down”. Also, Mark breaks down the reason why oats are “bad”, as well as gives you an overview of different kinds. Check it out!




There are plenty of other breakfast foods that are Paleo. In fact, some of the best breakfast foods are naturally Paleo (eggs, hint hint).




Side note: While we are on the topic, you should try the Machacado and Eggs. It’s a delicious tex-mex twist on breakfast that won’t leave you hungry and might even become your new favorite.


But then there’s also the Sunrise Scramble that will put your usual cinnamon oats to shame- these eggs have apples AND cinnamon. Both fresh and mouth-watering good.


Lastly, Crustless Quiche. The entire flavor of a traditional egg pie, but without the extra “blugh” of a crust.



Still not sold on an alternative breakfast item?

I’d like to call you crazy, but like I said, I totally get it. That’s why I want to share the Paleo Oatmeal that Empowered Sustenance has shared.  Mostly made with coconut products like coconut flour, shredded coconut, and coconut milk. Even better, Lauren Geertsen makes it with eggs or banana (or both!!). Sounds too good to be true right? Well, it’s not.



Maybe you remember the talk I had about how Whole30 can kick-start your Paleo lifestyle. Well, sometimes we need to reboot. If you are trying to cut out non-Paleo foods, or you just need to get “rebalanced”. Consider Whole30. While this might mean not making a delicious coconut “oatmeal”, it may help you get back on track.