Italian Christmas Cakes and Cookies

Pignoli Cookies

Kristina Vanni

Almost every town in Italy has its own special cake, cookie, or pie for Christmas, and any of them are an excellent choice for a holiday treat. These recipes are some of the best-known Italian holiday desserts, from panettone to pignoli.

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    Panettone (Italian Christmas Cake)

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    Panettone is the traditional Christmas cake of Milan and has become the most common Christmas cake in Italy. The lightly sweet, dried fruit-studded dessert keeps well much like fruit cake, making it a popular gift. When you make your own panettone, you can flavor it however you like with your choice of fruit, chocolate chips, nuts, and more.

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    Homemade Torrone (Italian Nougat)

    Homemade torrone recipe

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    Torrone, the traditional Italian nougat, is frequently eaten and gifted at Christmas. The chewy, white candy resembles snow and is studded with toasted almonds. Since torrone is candy, you'll need a candy thermometer to watch the temperature very carefully for the right texture.

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    Struffoli on a plate

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    Struffoli are fried dough balls dipped in a honey syrup, shaped into a pyramid or wreath, and sprinkled with diavolilli, a type of candy. The rich dessert is a must at the end of a traditional Neapolitan holiday meal. The dessert has ancient origins but is a more recent addition to Christmas tradition.

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    Italian-Style Candied Chestnuts

    Italian-Style Candied Chestnuts

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    Candied chestnuts are a popular holiday treat all over Italy and have been since the 15th and 16th centuries. Making them at home takes some planning ahead since they need to soak in the syrup repeatedly. The nuts are frequently given as gifts and set out on the table at Christmastime as a sweet treat.

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    Italian Cheesecake

    Italian Cheesecake

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    Cheesecake can be served all year long, but it's special enough for the holidays. The Italian version differs from the American version in a few ways: It's made with ricotta instead of cream cheese, it's crustless, and it has a citrusy flavor. It's actually easier to make and has a flavor similar to the filling of a cannoli.

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    Pandoro classic Christmas cake verona recipe

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    Pandoro is Verona's answer to panettone, a rich but airy cake that's sprinkled with an abundance of powdered sugar. Like panettone, the eggy cake is yeast-risen, but unlike panettone, it never contains candied fruit. Sometimes slices of it are served with a rich chocolate sauce for dipping.

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    Pignoli Cookies

    Pignoli Cookies

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    Pignoli is Italian for pine nut, the star ingredient in these Sicilian cookies. Made with almond paste and egg whites, they are light and nutty and grain free. The pretty dessert is often served during the holidays with a dusting of powdered sugar on top.

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    Traditional Italian Biscotti

    Traditional Italian Biscotti

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    Biscotti di Prato is from, you guessed it, Prato in Tuscany. The cookies are baked twice to give them their signature crunch and extend their shelf life. When stored in an airtight jar or box, biscotti will keep for several weeks. The classic cookies are also called cantucci in Italy and are delicious dipped into coffee, espresso, or sweet wine.

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    Italian Ricotta Cassata Cake

    Italian Ricotta Cassata Cake

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    The often beautifully decorated cassata cake hails from Sicily and is worthy of any special occasion. Made of layers of sponge cake, ricotta filling, candied fruit, and chocolate, what's not to love? The cake is soaked in a little rum or Marsala wine to keep it moist and little boozy.

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    Gluten-Free Amaretti Cookies

    Gluten-Free Amaretti Cookies

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    Crunchy and sweet, naturally gluten-free amaretti cookies are a delicious addition to your Christmas dessert table. They're a nice option for gluten-free guests and are especially good served with a hot beverage.