The Spruce Eats' YouTube Series: "It's Elementary"

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Welcome to The Spruce Eats' YouTube series, "It's Elementary." In each episode we take an iconic recipe everyone wants to make and we geek out on it. This series digs into the elements that make these recipes dazzling. It's a little bit of science and a whole lot of curiosity as we cook these recipes and their most popular variations

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    Dumplings With Chef King

    Perfect your dumplings with the help of these easy, step-by-step instructions. Learn how to make these beginner-friendly dumpling recipes in the ninth episode of It's Elementary. King teaches you how to make Jiaozi, Pancit Molo, and Xiao Long Bao like a pro!

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    Lasagna With Todd

    Whip together a tasty meal with these lasagna recipes perfect for all skill levels. Learn how to make lasagna quickly and easily using this step-by-step guide. In the eighth episode of It's Elementary, Todd shows you how to make classic, keto cauliflower, and skillet lasagnas.

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    Mashed Potatoes with Heather

    A comfort food for many, mashed potatoes have a variety of preparation variations. Learn how to make rich, creamy, and delicious mashed potatoes quickly and easily. In the sixth episode of our new series, It's Elementary, Heather Ramsdell, Senior Editorial Director for Spruce Eats shows you how to make classic, vegan, and loaded mashed potatoes!

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    Tasty Turkey with Heather

    Learn how to make a turkey that is delicious, juicy, and beginner-friendly to make. In the fifth episode of our new series, It's Elementary, Spruce Eats Senior Editorial Director Heather Ramsdell shows you how to make roasted, spatchcock, and country-fried turkey!

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    Savory Gravies with Todd

    Learn how to make gravy that is versatile, delicious, and is perfect for enhancing many dishes. In the fourth episode of our new series, It's Elementary, Todd Coleman, Creative Content Director for Spruce Eats, shows you how to make classic, vegetarian, and 24-hour gravies!

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    Mac and Cheese with Kysha

    Mac and cheese recipes are simple, quick, and make a delicious comfort food that can be prepared in a variety of ways. In the third episode of our new series, It's Elementary, Spruce Eats Editor Kysha Harris shows how to make mac and cheese in 3 quick and delicious ways! From the all-time favorite classic baked macaroni and cheese, to the creamy broccoli mac and cheese, and a macaroni and beef casserole, Kysha shows you how it's done.

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    Chili with Kysha

    Chili is a classic American comfort food but it doesn't have to be complicated to cook! In the second episode of our new series, It's Elementary, Spruce Eats Editor Kysha Harris dives in and makes an easy classic chili, then heads over to prepare a delicious vegetarian black bean and corn chili, and a hearty recipe for turkey green chili.  Learn how to make chili in 3 quick and delicious ways!

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    Apple Pie With Lauryn

    Spruce Eats Associate Editor Lauryn Bodden wants to find out what elements make apple pie such a classic. Does her butter tattoo tell the tale? Lauryn also takes on her two fave variations, apple hand pie and caramel apple pie.

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