Jen Hoy

Jen Hoy is a healer, author, holistic nutritionist and chef with over 2 decades experience in the field of food and healing.


Jen Hoy's private practice, Body Spirit Nutrition, is a progressive model for integrative counseling and includes holistic nutrition, energy medicine, and life coaching.

Jen is also a classically trained chef, and has studied world cuisine and the anthropology of food since she was a child. She used the aesthetics and palate of her training to create a new style of whole foods cooking which is light, flavorful, and appealing to a more mainstream and ethnically diverse audience. Jen teaches workshops on Whole Foods, 5 Element, and New Macrobiotic Cooking, with an emphasis on how to incorporate healthy nourishment into a busy lifestyle. She is the co-author of The Well-Rounded Pregnancy Cookbook and is currently working on her second book, which is a contemporary look at global whole foods cuisine.

Jen was recently voted #3 in the best nutritionist in New York City category.

Jen Hoy

I love good food, and a lot of my teaching centers around making wholesome food that's really delicious. The people who started the macrobiotic movement were looking at food as medicine, and because they were not chefs, or even really good cooks, most of them neglected to create recipes which reflected the really pleasing and sensual aspects of food. Proponents of whole foods often followed suit, with recipes that left much to be desired. Chefs like Eric LeChasseur are changing that, but it's a gradual process, and I'm working on helping things along.

You can find out more about me and my past and current work here on my Jen Hoy profile.

I call my cooking Global Whole Food, and it's all about bringing the food into a fresh, contemporary, international perspective. It's evolution, and it's inclusive of our global diversity. I'm working on creating a new paradigm for whole foods cuisine; it's flavorful, delicious and nourishing food that also happens to be healing!

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