Jim Beam Kentucky Fire Bourbon Whiskey Review

Jim Beam Kentucky Fire Cinnamon Flavored Bourbon Whiskey

Jim Beam

In 2014, Jim Beam launched another flavored bourbon to the market and it quickly caught fire. Kentucky Fire is a cinnamon-infused version of the popular whiskey and joined Beam's flavor portfolio, which includes Red Stag, Apple, Honey, and Maple. Following with the resurgence of cinnamon spirits, Kentucky Fire is a welcome addition to the liquor cabinet and tops our list of the flavors the brand offers.

If you're a cinnamon fanatic you know that there are some cinnamon spirits that do not live up to the hype. Happily, this is not the case for Kentucky Fire.

Bourbon and Cinnamon Pairing

Bourbon and cinnamon are natural companions and people have been drinking them together for years: mixing whiskey with Goldschlager for a winter warmer, or with apple cider in the likes of this hot cinn apple toddy, or fun drinks like the rooster. With Kentucky Fire, you can enjoy the two flavors from a single bottle and it's pretty good, even without a good chill.

The balance of cinnamon to the familiar bourbon is nice. Neither profile overpowers the other; the cinnamon is very apparent and sweetens the bourbon perfectly. The flavoring also adds a smoothness to the finish that has always been a sticking point with the standard white label Jim Beam.

How to Drink Kentucky Fire

It is good as a straight pour (shoot it if you must), but it's really good over an ice ball to get that nice chill without all the water. Apple cider—warm or cold—is also a great option for this cinnamon bourbon, particularly the unfiltered cider that is fresh throughout autumn. Toddies and coffee are other great options and you may really like this with a shot of espresso, shaken, and served chilled for a cinnamon bourbon twist on an espresso martini. One other favorite is to do a simple mix of Kentucky Fire and amaretto, a take on the cinnamon toasty shooter, which is also excellent on the rocks.

About Jim Beam Kentucky Fire

  • Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey infused with cinnamon liqueur.
  • Produced by Jim Beam
  • Released in August 2014
  • 35% alc/volume (70 proof)

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.