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Jolinda has been vegetarian for over 20 years and made the transition to a vegan diet fourteen years ago. Jolinda has traveled, shopped, and lived as a vegetarian all across North America, the Caribbean and most of Asia, and knows how to order tofu in six different languages, including Bahasa, Malay, Thai and Mandarin.

She is the author of six books, including  The Everything Vegan Cookbook, The Vegan Pregnancy Cookbook, The Big Book of Vegan Recipes, Cookouts, Veggie Style, the definitive guide to backyard grilling for vegetarians and vegans, and The Daily Vegan Planner for new vegans needing a bit of nutritional advice and inspiration.



While working for vegetarian advocacy organizations, she has spent thousands of hours promoting benefits of a plant-based diet to audiences across the US and Canada and has volunteered for dozens of animal protection groups, farm animal rescue and domestic animal shelters. She continues to preach the benefits of a plant-based diet (both virtually on the internet, and on her proverbial soapbox) to anyone who will listen.

She has been interviewed by and appeared in American Vegan magazine, Food and Home Magazine, the Daily Nexus, the Santa Barbara News Press, the Jerusalem Post, KEYT news, the Spanish-language La Opinion, and on WZRD radio in Chicago. When not testing recipes in the kitchen, she can be found devouring avocados and inari sushi, volunteering in impoverished communities overseas, or feeding her addictions to soy lattes and Bikram yoga.


Jolinda has attended numerous conferences and lectures with Dr. Michael Gregor, Dr. Carol Adams, Bruce Friedrich and Howard Lyman amongst other leaders in vegetarian health and advocacy, and studied religion, food and ethics as part of her M.A.

She studied holistic nutrition and natural health in Thailand under the guidance of a UK certified nutritionist while managing an alternative health center and guiding raw vegan retreats and cleanses. After spending several years exploring the coffees, cultures and cuisines of Asia and the Himalayas while living in Kathmandu, Nepal, she currently divides her time between San Francisco and volunteering in Haiti.

Jolinda Hackett

There are as many reasons to go vegetarian as there are vegetarians! Whatever your personal reasons, you'll find cooking tips, food and product reviews and recipes for every diet and occasion on this site. I hope to arm you with all the resources, information and inspiration you need to make the transition and stick with it. So pull up a chair and join me in exploring the many ways a vegetarian diet and lifestyle can benefit your health and please your taste buds. I love getting feedback from my readers - so let me know what you think!

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