Jonathan Adler Brings Signature Style in Keurig's First Designer Collaboration

"The only thing better than a Keurig brewer is an even cuter Keurig brewer."

Jonathan Adler with his Coffee Collection


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In its first designer-oriented collection known as Brew the Love Collaboration, Keurig is highlighting talented and creative partners with an eye for design and a love of both Keurig and coffee in limited-edition partnerships that are going to add some style and excitement to your morning coffee. The first involves American potter and designer Jonathan Adler, who is known for his colorful geometric patterns and bold shapes.

"When Keurig calls, you pick up the phone," Adler told The Spruce Eats. "People are so passionate about their coffee—and their Keurig brewers; the second I hung up the phone my entire office was shrieking with excitement."

"We share a love for coffee and design, and of course Keurig—which made him the perfect partner to kick off our platform with," said Andrew Loucks, president of Keurig Appliances. "We were certain he’d bring a unique layer of style and chic taste to a limited-edition collection.

Adler then designed his own signature K-Mini Brewer that he uses in his own home, and is his favorite Keurig appliance, which Keurig is offering to all. The K-Mini Brewer brews a single cup of coffee between 6 and 12 ounces and is refilled with water each time.

Buy Limited-Edition Jonathan Adler K-Mini Brewer for $99.99 at Keurig

Jonathan Adler x Keurig Mini

The bright blue pattern splashed across the Keurig K-Mini Brewer is paired with a matching coffee mug and K-Pod canister (both sold separately) and makes for perhaps the most stylish coffee station setup that could possibly exist. Its 5-inch width makes it compatible for fitting in the slimmest spaces, should you want to create a caffeine corner in your bedroom or home office that matches your aesthetic.

"I wanted to make sure the collection looks as good when you're half-asleep as it does when you're fully caffeinated," said Adler. "The pattern is punchy but classic enough to work with many styles, and the blue color? Blue is the great unifier—who doesn't love blue?" (We totally agree.)

Adler has a long history using the single-cup brewer as it's the most convenient way for him to stay caffeinated. "(At) Chez Adler-Doonan, it's the same argument everyone morning: whose turn it is to walk the dog, followed by whose turn it is to boot up the Keurig. Now that I've got one with my name on it, I think it's officially my job," Adler said.

And for those of you wondering how Adler takes his morning cup? It's just black, he admits, but he's partial to Green Mountain's Nantucket Blend. "I wish I had a better answer for you—it seems like every day new and ever-more complicated coffee concoctions are being born on TikTok—but it's the truth."

If you're looking to upgrade your coffee station, you'll definitely want to check out this very limited-edition collection, available directly through Keurig, Jonathan Adler, and Target.

"The only thing better than a Keurig brewer is an even cuter Keurig brewer," said Adler.