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Joy M. Nordenstrom is founder of Joy of Romance, Inc., a certified matchmaker, relationship coach, author, speaker, love story preservationist and a romantic event and vacation planner. Basically she is here to assist you with any of your relationship needs throughout all of the stages of a relationship –from dating to proposing, getting married to having kids, and from learning how to proactively deal with your relationships ups and downs to celebrating the love and joy that helps you weather the storms.

Through her coaching and various services at Joy of Romance, Joy makes relationship maintenance fun, sexy and intelligent by educating individuals on a practical, scientific and passionate-based approach to maintaining their romantic relationship.

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area with her love, Rob and their son Sterling, Joy loves picnics, cooking and studying everything she can get her hands on about the science of love and romance.


Since starting Joy of Romance, Inc. in 2005, Joy has spoken across America on all topics relating to relationships including the body language of love, aphrodisiacs and the science of dealing with with conflict in relationships. Joy has written a book with an accompanying DVD called "How to Create an Aphrodisiac Affair: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Passionate Feast Designed to Carry You from the Kitchen into the Bedroom (If You Make It That Far)" and was named Whole Foods of Northern California's Aphrodisiac Expert in 2009. Joy is a regular radio and television guest and published author, discussing and writing on the subjects of relationships, romance, aphrodisiacs and the science of love.


Joy founded Joy of Romance, Inc. in 2005. She received an MBA in Entrepreneurship, and a BA in both Communications and Economics, with a minor in psychology. All degrees are from Mills College in Oakland. During her pursuit of learning what makes relationships thrive, Joy has extensively studied with Dr. Helen Fisher, Dr. Paul Ekman, Dr. Daniel Siegel and Dr. John Gottman to name a few. She is a certified matchmaker from the Matchmaking and Behavioral Science Institute in New York City.

Joy Nordenstrom

I delight in helping individuals make their relationship maintenance fun, sexy and intelligent. One of my greatest passions is showing couples how to incorporate food into their lives as a love ritual. Through the  process of planning your meal, finding the right ingredients, preparing and, of course, enjoying it, you can add an incredible richness to your love story.


With the 50% divorce rate and so many unfulfilling marriages in America, I was stuck by the extreme absence of positive role models for couples who want to make their loving relationships not merely survive but thrive. Encouraged by a new vein of scientific research on how we as humans love, based in the studies of anthropology, psychology, biology and neuroscience, I was motivated to learn how knowledge of these patterns could be incorporated to enrich my clients’ relationships. In addition, I have made an intensive study of learning from couples who are still madly passionately in love after 20+ years together and incorporates those lessons into my work.


Simply, we weren’t given an operational manual for relationships at birth. We don’t all love in the same way. I invest time to truly learn about my clients. Through my guidance they discover more about themselves, their relationship patterns and are given wisdom and practical skills for becoming their best in partnership. My company, Joy of Romance, Inc. provides classes, matchmaking, individualized coaching and training sessions, plus personalized honeymoon, vacation and event planning. If you hadn’t noticed, I love LOVE!

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