Juices and Smoothies for Cleansing, Detox and Post Workout Nutrition

Juices and smoothies can be great additions to our daily food intake. They provide concentrated doses of nutrients and can help calm inflammatory responses in the body. Practitioners of functional medicine are increasingly turning to nutrient rich dietary protocols to help their patients, and many of the drinks listed here can complement a healing diet.

A few things to remember: always chew your juice or smoothie. Why? Masticating food releases digestive enzymes that help us assimilate nutrients. This is especially important given the epidemic of gut and digestive disorders facing modern culture, so take it slow, savor your drink, and chew it at least a little bit before swallowing. Your stomach will thank you.

Remember that juices and green drinks are very cooling. Going on a juice cleanse in the winter can be quite problematic, because the thermal nature of juices and green smoothies is cool and damp. That cooling, moistening energy can land in our tissues and make us cold and sore. If you are going to drink raw juice when the weather is cool, be sure to add a warming antidote: cayenne, horseradish, turmeric, wasabi and ginger work wonders in juices, while cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, star anise, nutmeg, cardamom,can lend a wonderful warm spice note to smoothies.

Experiment and find what works for you. Our bodies respond differently with our unique blueprints. Towards the end of the list we have a number of more calorie dense smoothies made with a base of nuts and seeds. These are considered meal replacement smoothies, and are great post-workout or for breakfast.

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    Green Chlorphyll Blood Tonic

    This green blood tonic recipe combines liver cleansing vegetables with chlorophyll rich leaves in a powerful healing drink. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), chlorophyll-rich plants help "build the blood". This drink can be made as a potent green smoothie by adding some water to help liquefy the mixture, but may be easier and tastier to drink as a juice unless you're a serious aficionado of green smoothies.

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    Anti-Inflammatory Green Beauty Tonic

    This anti-inflammatory beauty tonic is full of skin beautifying nutrients and inflammation-cooling plants. It nourishes and supports the blood, liver and digestion, and contains a big dose of chlorophyll. Cucumbers and celery are also beneficial for joints and connective tissue. This juice is great to consume on a regular basis during a cleanse

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    Pineapple, Coconut Water, Lime and Mint Detox Tonic

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    This recipe for pineapple, coconut, lime and mint detox tonic beverage is great for those times you’ve over-indulged in food and drink. It is full of digestion-boosting enzymes, anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, and liver cleansing citrus. You can make this in a juicer or blender; either way is delicious and the latter has all the plant fiber in it still.

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    The Oz:Cooling and Detoxifying Green Smoothie

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    This recipe for the Oz green detoxifying, cooling, electrolyte rich smoothie is perfect for warm weather and workouts, when we need extra hydration and electrolytes. It can be made as a juice or green smoothie with equal success. It combines celery, cucumber, spinach, apple, lime and chlorophyll-rich sweet herbs for a massive nutrient punch.

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    Ultra Green Smoothie

    This potent green drink is full of liver cleansing greens, and is guaranteed to give you a pleasant rush of energy and to help move a sluggish digestive system. Beginners to green smoothie making may want the optional addition of the banana (for those who may not do well with a potent green flavor), as it “softens” the intensity of it. Make sure all of your ingredients are organic please! Do not eat anything else for 30 minutes before and after this drink, so the body can absorb it. Dandelion is a very active plant and

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    Heavy Metals Detox Smoothie

    This green drink packs a nutritional wallop and is effective for helping move heavy metals out of the body. It can be used as part of a healing protocol or when you feel like you've been over exposed to environmental toxins. This is obviously not a medical grade chelating agent, but can be useful for supporting overall detoxification processes.

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    Mango Pineapple Green Smoothie

    Mango, Pineapple Green Smoothie is a luscious and buttery smooth green drink that should be made with ripe mangoes in season and golden pineapple for best effect. You can add some Meyer or regular lemon or a bit of fresh ginger root for extra zest. This is another great "beginner's" drink for those new to green smoothies.

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    Apple Kiwi Superpower Green Smoothie

    We’ve all heard the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. What’s interesting about the 21st century is that now we know a lot more about why that saying came about. Apples are beneficial for the cardiovascular system, digestion, and are rich in phytonutrient polyphenols that help with blood sugar regulation. Recent research indicates that apples lower C-reactive protein (an inflammatory cardiovascular risk marker) and help protect the lungs from both asthma and lung cancer. It’s important to note that many of these benefits are lost in cooking and juicing, so smoothies and consumption of the whole fruit are the best way to go. Kiwis are another fruit that benefits lung function, and a single fruit contains nearly 100% of the RDA for Vitamin C. Researchers are still trying to figure out what phytonutrients in kiwis manage to protect human DNA, but they do know that these fuzzy little guys manage to do so with a powerful arsenal of antioxidants. Kale is an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer nutritional superfood that supports the body’s detoxification pathways. It is the richest source of anti-inflammatory vitamin K in the plant kingdom, and provides potent quantities of vitamins A, C, manganese and numerous other nutrients. Cilantro is an excellent plant for digestion and is used in heavy metal detoxification. Ginger rounds out the mix with powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. This little root is warming, provides relief from nausea and gastrointestinal upset, and is beneficial for all forms of arthritis.

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    Green Genie Cooling Electrolyte Smoothie

    This recipe for the green genie cooling electrolyte smoothie is perfect for the hot days of summer, when we need extra hydration and electrolytes. Celery is rich in minerals, potassium and natural sodium, essential for hydration and maintaining PH levels. Cucumbers are 95% water, anti-inflammatory, rich in potassium and silica, and wonderful for the liver and connective tissues. Pectin-rich apples are anti-inflammatory and stabilize blood sugar. They are rich in water-soluble plant phenols and antioxidants. They also help sweeten the smoothie for folks who need a bit of fruitiness in their drink. Limes are rich in potassium; help eliminate toxins and uric acid, and aid digestion and elimination. Parsley adds a boost of chlorophyll and is a potent blood purifier. If you prefer to drink this as a juice, double the ingredients.

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    Super Sunrise Sunburst Smoothie

    This recipe for my super sunrise citrus smoothie is perfect during the peak citrus months. It has a golden base of grapefruit, orange/tangerine and lemon, topped with apple, greens, ginger and a pinch of cayenne. This drink offers an ultra-energizing, liver-cleansing, refreshing sunburst to your day.

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    Watermelon and Mint Smoothie

    This quick, easy and raw recipe for watermelon smoothie is a fantastic detoxifier rich in lycopene and beta-carotene. Ideally choose the watermelon with black seeds, which are mineral rich and contain ample amounts of zinc and selenium. Consuming a “watermelon diet” for a few days can relieve the liver and kidneys of toxic burden and flush waste from our bodies. It is also cooling for an overheated body or during very hot weather. Mint is a powerful antioxidant and blood cleanser.

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    Antioxidant Berry Banana Smoothie

    This gluten free, dairy free antioxidant berry banana smoothie recipe makes a great breakfast in warm weather, or a yummy pick-me-up in the midmorning or mid-afternoon. Berries are being recognized as some of the most powerful superfoods in the plant kingdom. They are rich in disease-fighting antioxidants, are heart healthy, and considered to be vital foods in anti-aging medicine. On top of that, they’re delicious, but please make sure you invest in organic berries. They are particularly vulnerable to absorbing chemical pesticides. Bananas offer a rich dose of potassium, and coconut water provides abundant electrolytes and glycogen to the drink, which makes it great for pre or post workout. This smoothie can be used as a meal replacement during a gentle cleanse or detoxification protocol, and provides plenty of energy if water and juices don’t quite do the trick for you.

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    Berry Delicious Smoothie

    This antioxidant packed smoothie is a pure berry delight and can be made with any berry you like (we like them mixed). Please make sure you only buy organic berries. You can add a bit of protein powder, coconut water, chia seeds or banana to this, but we love it straight up.

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    Strawberry Coconut Super Smoothie

    This rich and creamy, raw, whole foods smoothie is packed with nutrients and makes a delicious addition to breakfast or a snack when time is short. Strawberries, coconut manna (blended coconut pulp, the coconut equivalent of nut butter), rice protein and banana combine to give you a supercharged boost. You can substitute blueberries or combine them with the strawberries for a different flavor and extra nutrients.

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    Coconut Cacao Detox Smoothie

    This quick and easy recipe for a breakfast or post-workout superfood coconut cacao detox smoothie packs a big punch with major fuel for sustained energy. Coconut and raw cacao form the base with detoxifying help from aloe, acai and a touch of sweet spearmint. The smoothie is full of serotonin and energy boosting constituents, plenty of anti-oxidants and amino acids, and most importantly is just plain delicious. The combination of ingredients with antimicrobial and hydrating coconut all add up to a great, energizing mini-meal.

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    Cacao Almond Bliss Smoothie

    Okay, so this cacao almond bliss smoothie is as much a dessert as it is a mini-meal. The good news is that if you are going to eat a chocolate almond sweet creation, this is the way to go. It can even be frozen into a sorbet. This is heaven on earth for guilt-free chocolate loving bliss! I like using frozen bananas in this recipe (just peel and cut into chinks, then freeze. The banana acts like little ice cubes).

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    Banana-Pecan Super Smoothie

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    This quick and easy recipe for a breakfast or post-workout banana pecan super smoothie packs a big punch with superfood fuel for sustained energy, and as such is a great, healthy mini-meal to drink before or after working out. Pecans are richer in anti-oxidants than any other nut, and provide ample minerals and fiber. Potassium rich bananas and hydrating coconut water all add up to a great, energizing mini-meal.

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    Vanilla Nut Smoothie

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    This rich, creamy, vanilla nut smoothie has no added sweetener, and is absolutely packed with nutrients. Almonds, banana, rice protein and flax seed make for a sustaining snack or breakfast drink. It’s a great drink to have after strenuous exercise, or if you don’t have time to make breakfast.

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