Julie Laing

Julie Laing The Spruce Eats
Education: Chapman University

Julie Laing has been a writer and editor for more than 25 years and currently specializes in pickling, preserving, sourdough baking, and generally making good food from scratch year-round. She published her first cookbook, The Complete Guide to Pickling, in 2020.


  • Julie has written for The Spruce Eats since January 2021.
  • She is the author of The Complete Guide to Pickling: Pickle and Ferment Everything Your Garden or Market Has to Offer (Rockridge Press, 2020); The Pickled Picnic (Twice As Tasty, 2020); and TwiceAsTasty.com, a food blog focused on eating well year-round.
  • Her writing has also appeared in the 2020 Waggoner Cruising Guide, 406 Woman Magazine, and numerous local newspapers and magazines.



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