Kansas Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Kansas Farmers Market

Sweeping prairies and waves of amber grain may be what comes to mind when most people think of Kansas. And it's not that they're wrong, it's just that they're not fully right. Lots of farms and farmland means a long and proud tradition of growing one's own food. Kitchen gardens, home orchards, and vegetable plots aren't unusual, and neither is making jam or putting up other preserves. Make the most of local Kansas produce—whether you grow it yourself, seek it out at farm stands and farmers markets, or simply pick it up at the local store—with this simple guide.

Exact crop availability and harvest times will vary across the state and year-to-year, but this summary will help you know when to look for what at markets near you in Kansas. You can also lookup produce by more generalized seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter) to see what might be available right this second.

Apples, July through October (local harvest may be available from cold storage well into winter)

Apricots, June into July

Arugula, May through September

Asparagus, April through June

Basil, July through September

Beets, May through October

Blackberries, July into August

Blueberries, July into August

Broccoli, June through October

Brussels Sprouts, August through November

Cabbage, June through November (local harvest available from storage through March)

Cantaloupes, August and September

Carrots, May through November (local harvest available from storage through winter)

Cauliflower, August through November (this frost-loving vegetable may be available much later, depending on when winter arrives in any given year)

Celeriac/Celery Root, August through October

Celery, August through October

Chard, May through September

Cherries, June and July

Cilantro, June through September

Corn, mid-June through mid-August

Cucumbers, July through mid-October

Eggplant, July through mid-October

Fava Beans, May

Fennel, late August into October

Garlic, August through November

Garlic Scapes/Green Garlic, May and June

Grapes, August and September

Green Beans, July through September

Green Onions/Scallions, June through September

Greens (various), May through November

Herbs, various, May through October

Horseradish, June through November

Kale, June through November

Leeks, August through October

Lettuce (various), May through October

Melons, July through September

Morels, spring

Mushrooms, Cultivated, year-round

Mushrooms, Wild, spring through fall, varies tremendously each year

Onions, August through October (local harvest available from storage year-round)

Parsley, May through September

Parsnips, April and May and again in October through November (local harvest available from storage through winter)

Peaches, July and August

Pears, August through October

Peas & Pea Pods, June through August

Peppers (sweet), June through September

Persimmons, October

Plums & Pluots, July and August

Potatoes, July through November (local harvest available from storage year-round)

Pumpkins, September through October

Radishes, May through October

Raspberries, June into August

Rhubarb, April through June

Shelling Beans, September through October (local harvest available dried year-round)

Spinach, May through October

Squash — Summer, July through October

Squash — Winter, August through November (local harvest available from storage into spring

Strawberries, June and July

Sweet Potatoes, September into December

Tomatoes, July through October

Turnips, August through November (local harvest available from storage through February)

Watermelons, August through September

Zucchini, July through October

Zucchini Blossoms, July and August