Kathy Kingsley

Kathy Kingsley
Kathy Kingsley. Kathy Kingsley

The art of cooking and writing are both passions of mine and I've been lucky enough to combine them into career. I will never get tired of creating great food and sharing it with others.


When is comes to food and publishing, there's not much that I haven't done. From being a food editor and writing for magazines and websites to being spokesman and lead recipe developer for Nestle Chocolate and owning and running my own bakery, I love that the food industry offers such diverse and exciting opportunities. My love of writing has also inspired me to write also several cookbooks on a variety of topics.

Here are some of my cookbooks:
The Home Creamery (Storey)
Chocolate Therapy (Fairwinds)
The Big Book of Vegetarian (Chronicle)
Vegetarian Handbook (Chronicle)
Woman's Day Cookbook (Viking)


I have a Bachelors degree in Communications and studied culinary arts at The New School in New York City. However, cooking and foods for me are an ongoing education, and I continue to explore and learn about new ingredients and techniques from many sources.

Kathy Kingsley

People are sometimes intimidated to invite me as a dinner guest because they think I will critique their food. Nothing could be further from the truth. I love to cook and enjoy great food, and if it's simple and homemade, all the better. No one at the table will appreciate more the effort and culinary talent of the host more than myself. My guiding cooking philosophy is to start with quality ingredients and prepare them simply and with a light-touch so that the flavor and texture shines through.

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