Kentucky Derby Party Menu

Salmon cucumber sandwich
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The Run for the Roses, also known as the Kentucky Derby, is the classic horse race. And in Kentucky, it's celebrated in style. Spectators dress in their best finery, and elegant hats (the bigger the better!) are de rigueur. The event is always held the first Saturday in May. It's the longest running sports event in American history.

Even if you're not into horse races, this can be a fun party. Serve classic Derby Day recipes, such as the Hot Brown Sandwich (see my quiche for a fun variation!), delicate sandwiches, and of course the famous chocolate chip pie.

For the party, set out your fanciest china and crystal. Make sure to have roses for the centerpiece, and specify that your guests should wear wonderful hats. You could even have prizes for the best hat, the funniest hat, etc. Or purchase some plain hats, buy accoutrements, and have a hat decorating event.

However you celebrate it, the Kentucky Derby is the perfect excuse to throw a spring party. Mix and match these recipes to create your own special celebration.


Kentucky Derby Party Menu

  • Mint Juleps
    This classic drink is an absolute necessity for your party.
  • Salmon Cucumber Sandwiches
    A selection of nice sandwiches is perfect for any party, but especially appropriate for this one. This delicate sandwich is easier to eat than the classic cucumber sandwich, because the ingredients are chopped and mixed together.
  • Brie Peach Sandwiches
    This is my favorite cold sandwich recipe. If you can't find fresh peaches, good quality frozen peaches are just fine. There are enough other ingredients in the recipe so no one will know. Crockpot Scalloped Corn
    I'm not quite sure why scalloped corn is part of the menu; but it's delicious! And this recipe, made in your crockpot, will stay warm while you serve.
  • Raspberry Mint Chicken Salad
    This beautiful and delicious salad is perfect for any party. To make the presentation elegant, serve it in ruffled lettuce cups on your prettiest china.
  • Honey Butter Ham
    A ham is a necessity at any southern party. Put out little Flaky Biscuits and let people assemble their own sandwiches, with some mustard and other fixings.
  • Chocolate Chip Pie
    This is the classic Kentucky Derby dessert. It tastes like a chocolate chip cookie in a pie crust! Make two.
  • Chocolate Mint Cake
    This wonderful cake is one of my absolute favorites. It's the perfect combination of chocolate and mint. And it serves a crowd.