Easily Peel a Kiwi With This Lifehack

Peeling kiwi with a paring knife can produce an angular, irregular shape instead of a smooth oval so necessary when highlighting kiwi in a fruit tart. These step-by-step instructions for peeling kiwi fruit with a spoon produces aesthetically pleasing slices.

Kiwifruit (often shortened to kiwi) or Chinese gooseberry is native to China from whence it spread in the early 20th century to New Zealand. During World War II, the fruit became popular with U.S. servicemen stationed there and it was exported to California. Today, it is common throughout the world.

In New Zealand, the word kiwi usually refers to the kiwi bird or the people of New Zealand, but seldom refers to the fruit, which goes by the full name of kiwifruit.  

Kiwi fruit is stunning in this fruit trifle recipe.

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    Choose Solid, Unblemished Kiwi

    Cut kiwi

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    There are many ways to peel kiwi. This technique is one that works best for me. Results are ideal if the kiwi is solid and cold. Wash and dry the kiwi before cutting.

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    Cut the Ends off Kiwi Fruit

    Cutting the Ends of Kiwi Fruit

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    Using a paring knife, cut the ends off the kiwi.

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    Slip a Teaspoon Between the Skin and Flesh of the Kiwi

    Peeling a kiwi with a spoon

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    Slip the tip of a teaspoon between the skin and the flesh of the kiwi, and, using an in-and-out motion, continue to slip the spoon around the circumference of the fruit.

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    Continue to Work the Spoon Around the Kiwi

    Continue to work the spoon around the kiwi

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    Continue to work the spoon around the kiwi, pushing deeper in increments.

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    Work the Spoon Into the Kiwi up to the Handle

    Work the spoon up to the handle to peel the kiwi

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    Continue to work the spoon between the skin and flesh of the kiwi, pushing deeper, until you reach the handle of the spoon. If the skin is still attached at the other end, turn the fruit around and insert the spoon between the skin and flesh of the other end until it is free.

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    Push the Kiwi out of Its Skin

    Gently push the kiwi out of its skin

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    Using gentle pressure, push the loosened kiwi out of its skin.

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    The Kiwi Is Ready to Be Sliced

    The kiwi is ready to be sliced or eaten whole

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    This spoon method of peeling produces a smooth egg-shaped kiwi.

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    Slice the Kiwi Into Rounds for a Fruit Tart

    Slice the kiwi into 1/4-inch rounds

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    If using the kiwi for a fruit tart, slice the peeled fruit into 1/4-inch rounds.

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    Kiwi Are Perfect for a Fruit Tart

    Fruit Tart

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    The brilliant green of kiwi contrasts beautifully with strawberries and blackberries in this fruit tart with a nut crust.

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    Kiwi Go With Any Fruit

    Fruit Tart

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    Kiwi, with their slightly acidic profile, marry well with all fruits.