Kristin Stangl

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Title: Associate Food Editor

Kristin is an Associate Editor for the Spruce Eats, where she works with a team of photographers and recipe developers to create delicious, image driven recipes and cooking guides. While she's worn many hats during her career path, her love of food never waned and it lead her to where she is today.

  • Five years experience as a food stylist for editorial and commercial shoots, both photo and video.
  • Experienced recipe developer and tester.
  • Skilled at copy editing and writing.



Prior to joining the Spruce Eats, Kristin has been a food stylist in New York City for the past five years, making food and beverages beautiful for photo and video shoots in both the editorial and commercial sectors. She also worked as a freelance recipe developer and tester for a variety of editorial publications.

While not professionally trained, Kristin has spent over 30 years cooking and (over) eating thanks to growing up in a family of food lovers and food professionals and working in the industry.

While her twenties were spent as a trial attorney, she found her way out of the courtroom and back to the kitchen after a move to New York City in 2013. There, she trained with chefs in restaurants and catering, and apprenticed with a food photographer and food stylists to learn more about the intersection of food, art, and media. 


Kristin received a BA in Philosophy and Economics from Bucknell University, a law degree from Vanderbilt Law School, and—for good measure—a Masters Degree in Mathematics Education from St. John's University. She can scale any recipe to mathematical precision, then read a contract and some Kafka while she wait for the braise to finish.

5 Questions With Kristin

What food or drink are you?

Affogato -- it's this beautiful contrast of sweet gelato and bitter espresso and it morphs as the hot espresso works its magic on the cold gelato. I like to think of myself as full of contrasts and ever evolving over time.

What food trend would you like to forget?

Pumpkin spice everything...please get out of my coffee and go back to the pumpkins where you belong.

What's the first legit recipe you cooked?

Chocolate crinkle cookies. To this day, it is still a go to in my holiday cookie arsenal.

Who eats what you make?

Me, and whoever I might last-minute invite over, since I tend to accidently cook as if I'm serving ten people, regularly.

Family fun fact?

My grandparents emigrated from Austria and immediately set up a burger and milkshake shop in their new little American hometown. They would often use their earnings to take far flung trips around the world. Their love of food and travel absolutely helped shaped who I am today.

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