Krusteaz Honey Cornbread Review

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There are many cornbread mixes available and one that you will want to try is Krusteaz Honey Cornbread. It's a convenient mix that creates tasty, no-mess cornbread quickly. As an alternative to made from scratch cornbread recipes, Krusteaz is one of the best options you'll find.

What Is Krusteaz Cornbread Mix?

The Krusteaz company makes a variety of baking mixes, from pancakes and waffles to cookies and bread. Among all of these, there is a great variety to choose from, including many of our favorite flavors. 

Krusteaz's line of cornbread mixes is also diverse. Most are based on a honeyed cornbread. The options include gluten-free, fat-free, and organic mixes and Krusteaz also offers a chipotle and traditional Southern cornbread mix. Any of these can also be made into cornbread muffins for a quick, single-serve snack or lunch.

Pros and Cons of Krusteaz Cornbread

As with most baking mixes, the biggest appeal for the Honey Cornbread is the convenience. It is incredibly easy to make as you only need to add 1 cup of milk and an egg. Stir it up and put it in the pan to bake. In this sense, Krusteaz is a great option.

  • The original Honey Cornbread mix does include wheat, milk, and soy.
  • The honey flavor comes from a honey powder, which adds a soft honey flavor.
  • One box of the mix will fill an 8x8x2-inch baking pan or the average 8-12 cup muffin tin.
  • It's a nice cornbread mix for recipes that call for a cornbread mix. Similar to the biscuit mix, some recipes like to use the shortcut as a foundation.

However, as many number-crunching bakers know, convenience often costs more than a made from scratch recipe. The box mix is reasonably priced at around $3, depending on the store. Yet, when you break down the cost of the ingredients for a standard honey cornbread recipe, you're spending almost twice as much money for that convenience.

Plus, if you are a regular baker, mixing a homemade cornbread really is not difficult. This is also true for non-baking enthusiasts who keep flour, cornmeal, and other standard ingredients in their kitchen. It may take you a few extra minutes to gather and measure the ingredients, but bakers really don't mind that and the taste difference is noticeable.

An Avenue for Cornbread Experimentation

What is nice about a cornbread mix like Krusteaz is that it's an easy way to experiment. The simplicity of mixing it up allows you to focus on adding extra ingredients, such as cheese and jalapenos. Once you find the right medley of cornbread and spicy flavor, you can take that ratio into your scratch cornbread recipes.

You will also find inspiration and recipes for using the mix from Krusteaz. Extra recipes are included on the side of each box as well as their website. Even if you don't make these recipes, they might spark an idea or two.

How Does Krusteaz Honey Cornbread Taste?

The cornbread's flavor is surprisingly tasty. The honey flavor is mild and not overpowering. The texture is moist, not dry like cheaper brands, and almost cake-like. Overall, it's one of the most impressive cornbread mixes on the market.

Who Will Get the Most out of Krusteaz Cornbread?

Krusteaz Honey Cornbread is perfect for people just learning how to bake, such as teenagers, newlyweds, and college students. It's a great introduction to mixing, baking times, and basic ingredients. It's also very difficult to screw up, so you can enjoy home baked cornbread without the fear of failure.

For the average home cook, it's a quick and easy side dish for dinner. It takes less than 30 minutes to bake, so it is ideal for those busy weeknight meals. We also enjoy those specialty diet mixes because finding the right made from the scratch recipe can be a challenge.

Again, there is that potential for quick experimentation that any baker will enjoy from time to time. Sure, it's not your grandma's cornbread recipe, but when you have a new flavor idea you want to play with, it's the perfect vehicle to see if it will work.

The flavor, the cost, and the overall value make Krusteaz a great cornbread choice for many people.