Kyle Phillips

Kyle Phillips lives in Tuscany, where he has worked for many years as a food, wine and travel writer. His translation of Artusi, the classic Italian cookbook, was published as "The Art of Eating Well" by Random House in 1996. He also edits the Italian Wine Review.


Though he has always enjoyed cooking and fine wines, Kyle's professional interest in gastronomy came through travel writing: he began stopping at wineries and restaurants wherever he happened to be -- at first, to gather more information for travelers, later to learn, and now with notebook in hand.


Education? It's on-going; Italian cooking is a vast subject, much vaster than Kyle realized when he first took interest in it, and the more he learns the more he realizes he has yet to learn.

Kyle Phillips

In my features I relate my discoveries, discussing foods, wines, and the paths I follow. You may wonder why this, a site dedicated to Italian food, delves heavily into wines. Italy produces more wine per capita than any other country in the world, and until relatively recently wine was one of the most important sources of calories for the poor. This is no longer true, but to imagine an Italian table without wine is rather like imagining the night sky without stars or moon.

You may also wonder about the travel angle. Though Italy is one country, it might better be seen as a collection of tiny states, each with its own history, culture and cuisine. One cannot hope to understand the cuisines unless one knows something of the culture and the history.

For more information on what I am up to, check my Google profile: Kyle Phillips.

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