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Lany Phlong is passionate about food and excited to share her vast experience as a chef, traveler, and entrepreneur. Lany is an immigrant from Cambodia and grew up in Florida surrounded by a large extended Cambodian family that shared with her the rich culture of her birthplace.

Lany held a series of jobs in Florida and New York and then traveled in Southeast Asia for almost one year to reconnect with her roots and to fully explore her love for food. During her travels, Lany spent extended periods studying with indigenous chefs to fully immerse herself in the diverse flavors and techniques of the region. Lany applied her expertise of Southeast Asian cuisine with broad exposure to the cooking styles in Europe and the US in her entrepreneurial pursuits. Additionally, she supplemented her entrepreneurial activities with formal training at some of the best restaurants in New York as well as serving as a teaching instructor at various schools.

Currently, she is working on a series of dynamic cookbooks and is a freelance recipe writer.



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