Last Minute Fish Fillet Recipes

Tilapia fillet with slaw and potatoes


rez-art / Getty Images

Fish fillets are already one of the best quick-cooking foods. Add just a few more ingredients and you can serve dinner in a flash.

The fish fillets you buy in the market unless you're buying right from the dock, have been frozen and thawed. To save money, just buy the frozen fillets and thaw them in the fridge, never ever on the counter. The fish should smell sweet and fresh, not fishy, and should be firm textured.

Tilapia, orange roughy, arctic char, cod, or any other simple white fish fillets will work in these recipes. Enjoy.

Last Minute Fish Fillet Recipes

  • Honey Orange Fish Fillets
    Sweet honey and tangy orange juice and peel flavor these tender fish fillets. You can grill or broil this wonderfully easy recipe.
  • Sole with Walnut Mustard Butter
    Nuts are the perfect complement to tender and flaky fish. The crunch provides a great textural contrast, and the flavor is perfect.
  • Tomato Cheese Fish Fillets
    This super quick microwave recipe takes 20 minutes, start to finish. Use your favorite cheese to complement the fish and tomatoes.
  • Fish en Papillote
    Parchment paper
    (or foil, in a pinch) wraps fish with garlic, shredded carrots, and herbs in this simple recipe. The fish steams in the packets, which is the perfect way to cook them.
  • Citrus Sole
    Ten minutes, start to finish, and you'll be enjoying this flavorful and beautiful recipe. Serve it with some fresh fruit and bakery breadsticks.
  • Orange Roughy with Red Peppers
    And finally, a four-ingredient beautiful and flavorful. You could use red bell peppers, or a combination if you'd like.