Lauryn Bodden

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Title: Associate Food Editor
Location: New York City, New York
Education: Southern Methodist University, Institute of Culinary Education

Lauryn is an Associate Food Editor for The Spruce Eats, where she works with a team of recipe developers and food writers in creating delicious recipes and cooking guides for all palettes and expertise. She's worked her way around the industry between professional kitchens, brands, and media companies, combining her experiences and interactions to lead her where she is today.


Lauryn's love story for food began like most, at a young age in grandma's kitchen. After studying abroad in London for her honors thesis on the global food systems, she continued to write for a number of outlets, including D Magazine’s Side Dish, before graduating and packing her bags for the Big Apple.

Upon moving to the New York City, she joined one of the world’s largest hospitality public relations and marketing agencies working with major hotel, spirit, and culinary brands. During that time, she attended culinary school at Institute of Culinary Education, expanding her knowledge of the industry. Over the years, Lauryn worked her way around the line in professional kitchens for both pastry and savory before joining forces with cookbook author and TV host Gail Simmons, working as an executive and culinary assistant. In this role, Lauryn honed her knowledge of recipe development, food styling, social marketing, brand partnerships, and menu development.

Before joining The Spruce Eats, Lauryn worked at a major meal kit as an assistant editor and food stylist.


Lauryn received a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies as well as Sport Management from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX—all while playing Division I soccer.

5 Questions With Lauryn

What food or drink are you?

A fully loaded burrito filled with slow-roasted cochinita pibil. It's safe to say there's a burrito out there for everyone. It's an awkward handheld bundle, where most the contents spill out onto your front—or maybe that's just me? Specifically, cochinita pibil is marinated for hours in citrus juices, tenderizing the meat before it's wrapped in banana leaves and buried in a pit with a fire for roasting. I too, love a little TLC and burying myself under blankets on the couch.

What food trend would you like to forget?

Crazy milkshakes coated in 5 layers of frosting, overflowing with cotton candy-coated cake, and sprouting candy canes. As someone who loves all things dessert, especially ice cream, this is just sacrilegious.

What's the first legit recipe you cooked?

A layered cake decorated like a sunflower. Cake has been a mainstay in my life from an early age.

Who eats what you make?

Anyone within a 20 minute bike ride. I always cook for a village even if it's just me, so I am constantly dialing up friends to take leftovers or pawning off pastries at my Crossfit gym—very grateful I only know people with voracious appetites.

Family fun fact?

My dad's family came to Florida from the Cayman Islands, so our Bodden lineage dates way back with some relatives still on the island. We take a big family trip every year to visit and I'm always inspired by the crystal clear waters and delicious seafood. That said, I am forever the pale girl armed with 100+ SPF, camped out on the sand because sharks.

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