Layer Cake Value-Driven Wines

layer cake wine bottle

Photo from Layer Cake Wines

What do Layer Cake and Hundred Acre wines have in common? Jayson Woodbridge is the "Master Craftsman"—owner and vintner for both the affordably priced Layer Cake and cult California Cab, Hundred Acre.

When it comes to cult Napa Valley Cabs, Jayson Woodbridge's Hundred Acre lineup certainly holds its own in today's high-end market. However, for the consumer that doesn't have or would never dream of spending upwards of $350 on a bottle of wine, Woodbridge offers a series of alternative, albeit authentic value-driven wine options.

Layer Cake - Everyman's Wine

By taking the same small winemaking team and detailed strategy that has made Hundred Acre what it is and applying those blueprints to hand-picked varietals grown in their historical "hometown," Woodbridge has built a solid portfolio of everyday wines, dubbed "Layer Cake." These wallet-wise wines are both true to their varietal character and regional expression, while simultaneously bringing high marks for their quality to price ratio (QPR) - typically priced in the neighborhood of $15.​

Layer Cake's Inspiration

Working from his Italian roots, knowing that his own grandfather would have been hard-pressed to buy a bottle of Hundred Acre, Woodbridge was inspired to craft wines that would be both affordable and accessible to all. Mission accomplished.

Layer Cake's Name

The unusual name for this series of wines stems from a collaboration of dueling memories of his grandparents. The first, a tribute to his grandmother's layered cakes and the back of the bottle label, tells the rest of the story: "My old grandfather told me the soils in which the vines lived were a layer cake. If properly made, the wine from these vines was like a delicious cake layered with fruit, mocha, and chocolate, with hints of spice and rich, always rich. Never pass up a good Layer Cake.”

Layer Cake Wines

Layer Cake currently makes a Primitivo (known and loved as Zinfandel in the U.S.) from Puglia, Italy, a full-throttle Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina, a brilliant, well-rounded Shiraz from Australia, and California offers up both a Chardonnay and classic Cabernet Sauvignon. All of the Layer Cake wines are regionally-inspired, 100% varietal wines.

The wines from Layer Cake are built to go neck and neck with wines that are double and even triple their price point. For a fraction of the cost, you can check out Hundred Acre's kissing cousins via the Layer Cake line and relish the exacting standards that have built a living wine legacy in less than a decade.